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    Worst Star Wars book.

    In my opinion the worst SW book I've read so far is Mysteries of the Sith 'cause it just didn't feellike a Star Wars book.

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    I'd rate the Dengar story from Tales of the Bounty Hunters as worst SW story. But as for an actual full book, I haven't read many but I'd say the worst is Splinter of the Mind's Eye. Darth Vader 'dying' by tripping and falling into a hole was just shameful. What's worse is that people actually try to fit it into SW continuity.

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    Any book i didn't mention in the "best" book thread
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    Thumbs down

    Hmmmm...the Tale of the bounty hunters comic book would take the cake. Well, i would put it as the book i enjoyed the less reading.
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    Thumbs down

    I really did not like the Stackpole X-Wing series, but no one book in it was so bad. I'd go with the last NJO book, Rebirth. Useless, filler book.
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    Crystal Star. Nuff said.

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    The Crystal Star.
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    Ahhhh... good call there Rollo!! I'm on-board with you and Chux! Definitely "The Crystal Star"...!
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    Yeah the Dengar story was pretty awful. It started ok, but went downhill after he went to Jabba's palace. Also, am I the only one who couldnt get into the Timothy Zahn stories? I found them to be long and boring...but that might just be me!
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    I didn't like the Timothy Zahn yawn-fests either. But me and EU don't get along anyway so I thought it was just me.


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