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    Master P and Star Wars

    MTV premiered a new series tonight called "The Movie House." On tonight's episode, the rapper Master P interviewed George Lucas and Hayden Christensen.
    Now, I dont have anything against Master P, but he was very annoying to me. First of all, he made the comment that he grew up with Star Wars. Then he said something like "I had all the swords." If he did grow up on Star Wars, you'd think he'd know they are called lightsabers. Just a thought.
    Also when he interviewed George, he kept making the comment that EP3 should be called "Star Wars in the Ghetto." Ok that was funny but he kept repeating it over and over, then wrote it out on a sheet of paper like a contract or something.
    Then when he was interviewing Hayden, he got to talking about his kiss scenes with Natalie. All of the sudden he asks Hayden: "So did you hit that?"
    Come on!! What business is that, and besides, thats disrespectful to Natalie. Hayden smiled but I could tell he didnt really like it.
    Did anyone else see this program? I am sure MTV will show it again, but I got the impression that Master P was sent there just to make fun of the movie and be as annoying as he could.
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    i dont have MT-TV, and even if i did, i wouldnt waste my time watching a rapper talk about Star Wars. :-/

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    Sounds like a pile to me, but keep in mind what your're watching. I mean its MTV for God's sake. That's like going to a strip club and whining about the "forbidden fruit" shoved in your face. That network has got to have the dumbest viewers (teenagers), judging by the programming the show to cater to them.

    Also, how could this piece of human garbage be so disrespectful to Natalie Portman!! That's terrible and I shall defend her honor to the death!! (hope she's reading this!)

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    Wedge, I am not whining about this. I was simply stating the point that Master P was irritating and he seemed to annoy Lucas and Christensen.
    I am stating facts, not whining.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
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    Sorry JF, I did not mean to imply that you were "whining", I was just trying to say that it did not surprise me, as what else to expect from a pig but a grunt. I did not intend to criticize your remarks or opinions, again I apologize if I came of as contentious. Actually, I'm surprised that GL and HC would agree to this, I mean how much pubilicity does the film need? Although MTV and Master P can be scoffed at, why, if you were GL, would you accept the offer? The whole pitch must have screamed out "kick to the crotch!"

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    Thanks for the heads up, I'll check it out if it's on again.

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    I did not watch this program, but I will. I do not think it is fair to call teenagers dumb. That is not a very enlightened view. I am not a teenager, but I once was and never thought it was fair to be called dumb or stupid. Plus, I watch MTV and I am not a dumb viewer.
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    At least they didn't play any Master P videos. You wanna talk about annoying?
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    Its ok wedge. I wasnt offended, I just wanted to say that I was just explaining the program, thats all.
    Some people may see the program as funny, but when I looked at it my first impression was that Master P was obnoxious. Sure some things he said were funny, but when he made the comment about Natalie and all, I am sure she wouldnt like that. It kind of disrespects her.
    "You know I love the guy but I swear he writes like freaking Yoda."-Dean Winchester
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    Ooh, I would love to see that interview. This rapper sounds like a total ignoramus. Just out of curiosity, did he bring up the whole Jar Jar/racist thing at all?

    The most annoying interview I've ever seen was on Leno where Will Sasso and Alex Borstein from MadTV were interviewing Samuel L. Jackson, GLu, and RickMC. They were driving Rick nuts by singing the SW theme while he was trying to talk about his butt-kissing techniques.
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