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    Mark Hamill A&E Biography

    I thought it was a very interesting show, they only had an hour to work with but I thought it offered a nice synopsis of Mark's career. Of course, SW got the most attention but the program succeeded in showing that while some people saw his career as stagnant after SW it was really quite the opposite.

    I knew about the auto accident and its impact on ESB, but I didn't know about his connection to Eight is Enough. The first 12 minutes of the doc was pre-SW, and they even offered a few clips from his earliest work.

    Interviewees included Mark's wife, daughter, brother, cousin, Annie Potts, Gary Kurtz, George Lucas, and Frank Oz. Pretty nice contributions, though it would have been nice to hear from Mark himself.

    Congrats Mark!

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    I missed it and I'm kicking myself.

    That's interesting and disappointing that Mark didn't do an interview for it. Biography is really one of the best shows out there, and although I know he keeps busy it's not as though he's in the public eye much anymore. It would have been good for him to do an interview for posterity.
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    Maybe Hamill figures he's never going to get any more work out of Lucas, and so he doesn't want to do what amounts, largely, to a publicity stunt for EP2, plus serves to reinforce his Skywalker stereotype which may not be helpful to whatever current career he may have?

    Kinda silly though, if true, since he's NEVER going to escape the Skywalker stereotype.

    I missed it too, but I wouldn't be too bummed, pthfnder89. Up there with death & taxes, the other thing that's pretty certain in life is that A&E recycles their Biography episodes quite a bit. I'd bet it may even re-air this coming weekend.
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    didn't sirsteve post some time ago that he got married to Carrie Fisher.
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    sir steve is married to carrie fisher?!?

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    There was a rumor waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the 70s that implied that Mark and Carrie were dating and thinking about getting married. Kind of like the more recent rumors of a lasting relationship between Tobey Macguire and Kirstin Dunst after Spider-Man (even though they did date a couple times, I think).

    Mark Hamill has been married since before ROTJ came out, but not to Carrie Fisher.
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    I never knew he was up for the lead in "Amadeus". I wonder how that movie would have turn out if Mark had gotten the lead?

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    I was suprised by the revelation that he was in the pilot for "Eight is Enough" as well. I'm glad he got out of his contract with ABC (maybe he whined he way out ), or else we may have seen some other 70's lesser-known actor in the role as Skywalker. If so, who knows what the chemistry would have been like with Fisher and Ford. Would SW have been as successful if Hamill could not have been released from ABC?

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    Dangit! I missed it! Oh well. It sounds interesting though. I imagine at some point they will replay it.
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    Carrie Fisher did not marry Hamill, but she did marry Paul Simon for almost a year. That surprised me last night while watching her Biography.

    Tonight it's Harrison Ford (I believe it's a rerun) and then Star Wars week is over.


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