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Thread: Official Canon?

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    Official Canon?

    Having done the requisite searches of this forum (which turned up no results) I'd like to know if anyone out there can tell me what actually composes the "Official" Star Wars Canon that keeps getting mentioned. Obviously the movies as they exist until now compose the base of the Canon. When the novel "Shadows of the Empire" came out, I remember it being a big deal because it had been given inclusion in the official canon. Can anyone confirm this? Has anything else beside the 5 movies been granted "real" status by George Lucas? Thanks for any info!

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    Lucas Licensing is wishy washy about what is ''Canon".

    The ONLY things that are canon are the films.

    The deleted scenes aren't canon (so technically Biggs never talked to Luke at Anchorhead, the bongo never almost went over a waterfall, etc)
    The "fact" guides aren't canon. (Visual Guides, Cross sections etc)
    The comics are not canon (Aurra Sing, if that's even her name is just a podrace spectator...)
    The video games are not canon.
    Not even the Novels of the films are canon. (Obi Wan is not Owen's brother)

    ONLY the five (soon to be six) films are canon.
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    I agree with EP, Lucas has said over and over that only the stuff that makes it to the screen is canon. That means...

    -Greedo did shoot first but never got beatup by Anakin
    -Gasgano never talked
    -Ani actually got into a taxi with Padme on Coruscant
    -Dexter's butt crack is more real than Prince Xizor
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    Part of SOTE is canon anyway...the Outrider is in ANH Special Edition.
    As well as the ASPs and the Swoops.
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    So which is CANNON, the original 1977 release of Star Wars (no A New Hope subtitle) where Han shot first.

    Or is the new "Special Edition" with Greedo shooting first?

    Or is that backwards? I don't know? Darn Jedi Mind tricks!

    I MUST KNOW!!!

    Cannon, EU who cares? It really all depends on your level of an@l retentivity.

    Highest: MOVIES ONLY (usually the original release), if it wasn't on film it never happened.

    Higher: Movies and the Radio Drama.

    High: Movies, their novelization and the Radio Drama.

    Moderate: Movies, their novelization, the Radio Drama, and closely related novels (Splinter of the Minds Eye, Shadows of the Empire)

    Low: Movies, their novelization, the Radio Drama, all novels, ref books.

    Lowest: ANYTHING that has a SW logo on it!
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    Doesnt matter Star Wars isnt real or anything, but I do agree that whats in the movies should be set above whats in the say the books or comics
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    For me, everything is canon. Otherwise, why pay attention to the other stuff. I know some don't. However, I read the books and comics, and love them. In fact, they rival the movies to me. If it wasn't for the books, I may have lost interest in SW by now. IMHO, they do a SUPREMELY excellent job in making sure that nothing contradicts itself. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, it is outstanding. I'll never understand people who get MAD at EU. If you don't like it, don't read it. Just because it's not "canon" for you, doesn't mean it isn't for someone else.
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    I guess that's really it then. Canon is how you see it. In my Star Wars universe, Han shot first. That scene defines Han's character immediately, I can't remember being more surprised in a movie than at ANHSE when I first saw Greedo's gun go off. If you love the books and comics, read away! I find them too much to keep track of, but have enjoyed most of what I've read. Thanks for clearing up my question.

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    Everything's canon. . . so long as it doesn't contradict something with "more legitimacy."

    EG, Owen Lars is not Obi-Wan's brother (ROTJ novel), but he does have a brother named Owen, whose last name is presumably Kenobi as well (Jedi Apprentice series).
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    According to GL, the SEs are canon and the original versions aren't. He stated in the latest Insider that the considers the original theatrical releases of the OT to be incomplete, roughcuts. So in some instances, stuff in the movies becomes un-canonized by later releases. The way I see it, when GL finishes Ep3 and does all the changes he is going to do for the OTs DVD releases; when he does all that then says "Okay, I'm done. That's it." Then and only then can we say that whatever shows up on the DVD releases is canon (except for the cutscenes).

    I do get mad at EU for the direction it took the story after ROTJ and some of the crap it pulls (killing Chewie!). Which is exactly why I don't read any of it. I know the general direction of where things are going from Insider articles and such but I will never read any of the post-ROTJ novels. Stuff that takes place within the saga timeline or prior to EP1, I am a little more open to checking out, though.
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