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    Some internet poop on a Bone movie: Bone creator Jeff Smith WAS working in an animated adaption of his comic book. Emphasis on WAS. It seems that he took the smart road and had something called a "Poison Pill Clause" put into the contract with the studio that was going to finance the film. Essentially this clause would allow him to pull the plug on the project at any time if he felt that things were progressing in a way that he didn't like. Apparently, the studio wanted Smith to rewrite the story to allow for some Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys songs, so they could market a soundtrack. Smith didn't like this at all and the studio wouldn't stop pressuring him about it, so he pulled the plug. Thus the movie has stopped production completely until Smith can find another studio or come to an agreement with his current studio.

    Not entirely sure how true this is, it did come from the internet after all; but if accurate it does show that some creators really do care about the integrity of their creations.

    There is rumor of a HeroBear and the Kid movie in the works. Yay!!! For those who have never heard of this series, here is a small peek at what this awesome series looks like:
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    Spider-man by far is the best.
    X-Men is really great as well.
    The first Batman was really good, the second was ok, then let's not talk about the other two.
    Superman I and II were really good as well.
    From Hell was excellent.

    The Punisher sucked.
    Captain America Sucked.
    Speed 2 sucked.
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    Another page from HeroBear and the Kid:
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    Spiderman is cool
    first 2 Batman movies
    From Hell is excellent
    TMNT 1 and 2
    The Crow 1
    Blade 1 (haven't seen 2 yet)

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    The original Batman was well done- with two flaws. Disappointing that the Joker- the greatest Batman villian ever- was killed off so easily. Disappointing that the midget, Michael Keaton, played Batman/Bruce Wayne. He looked like he had an afro for crying out loud- he was almost bald.

    I prefer Val Kilmer to George Clooney as far as who should have played the ROLE of Batman. The two Burton Batman movies were good- the two after- not.

    Have not yet seen Spiderman, but not a big fan of Toby McGuire.

    I liked the X-Men- biggest problem it had was having to fit so much back story into a 2 hour movie. The next movie should be a lot better.

    Superman 1 and Superman 2 were both excellent. I still enjoy watching them, although I think it is kind of funny to see the 1970's clothes and stuff. Pretty good effects for such an old movie. Does anyone know--- did they film Superman 1 and Superman 2 at the same time?? Superman 3-- Richard Pryor?? and then the 4th one-- whoa bad. I have heard lots of rumors that they are making a new Superman movie-- and the last rumor I heard was Nicholas Cage playing the role of Superman--- BIG MISTAKE if true. A bald and skinny Superman-- not my cup of tea.

    I actually liked the Transformers movie- sort of funny how the toy company made the movie just to introduce a ton of new toys. Smart thinking by them. (I always hated transformers because they never looked exactly like what they looked like in the comics/tv/movies.)

    The GI Joe movie with Don Johnson and Don Meredith was pretty good too.

    I liked the Shadow too. Captain America- not good.

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    yea, most of superman 1 and 2 were filmed at the same time by a director called richard donner. part 2 was mostly done when another director was brought in to finish it up after the producer fired donner. it's all in the superman dvd special features.

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    Originally posted by jblodgett

    I have heard lots of rumors that they are making a new Superman movie-- and the last rumor I heard was Nicholas Cage playing the role of Superman--- BIG MISTAKE if true. A bald and skinny Superman-- not my cup of tea.
    That was true, it was Tim Burton's idea. He was supposed to direct it and wanted Nicholas Cage, so he could "try something different." In other words, screw everything up just like Planet of the Apes.

    Well from what I hear, fan reaction was waaaay too negative (imagine the AOTC/N'SYNC thing times ten) so Tim Burton, miffed that he couldn't have his way, lost interest and dropped out of the project. I don't know who is directing it now, but I can guarantee that they won't be approaching Nicholas Cage for anything.

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    Really? I knew about the Nicholas Cage thing, but I had no idea that Tm Burton was behind it all. I usually like Tim Burton (except for the cr*ppy Planet of the Apes) so why would he deliberately try to ruin a new franchise? It doesn't make sense. I still think the best choice is Tom Welling who plays Clark Kent on Smallville. Just wait another 4 years until the show has run it's course then tie the series ending into the new movie. It could work. Warner Brothers needs to start being true to their comic book titles and to the characters by hiring people that actually look the part and who can actually act. It really is a shame that WB owns all the DC characters because it will take them forever to make movies out of their heroes. Plus I think the only major players that DC has for film versions are Batman, Superman, they could also possibly do the Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman (but it would have to be done really well). Anything else I don't think a lot of people would go see because it wouldn't appeal to the mass audience population. Although I would love to see a Neil Gaiman's Sandman movie.
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    The guy from Smallville is way too much of a pretty boy to play Superman, IMO. It's the second biggest reason I don't watch that show (the first biggest reason being that we don't get WB out here). However, Superman has become so much of a worldwide icon that no matter how you do it, there will be lots of people crying "foul."

    While I have seen people in real life that could be Superman, I have never seen a movie or TV actor that really seems to have what it takes. All the more reason that I think movies like this should be cartoons. This would allow the audience to fill in the details of the character on their own and allow an icon to remain an icon.

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    Thank god that Tim Burton dropped out for doing Superman. Did you hear what he had in store for the Superman suit? The S on the chest was supposed to be clear, and actually show the inside of his body, having a nuclear reaction to earth's yellow sun. Ugh, he was good on Batman because Tim Burton thinks in a Gothic Manor. But for gods sakes, please keep him away from Superman.

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