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    Oooh, that sounds terrible. What was the studio thinking when they asked someone like Tim Burton to do a movie like Superman? Superman is way too mainstream for him to handle correctly.

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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    Well, this could be rumor, but I think TV executives were worried the name "Bruce" had certain "undesirable" overtones. They thought it sounded G A Y. I know, I know...but it was the 70's so who knows what goes through their minds? So they changed it to David. In the first or second issue they called Broce "Bob"so they worked it into continuity that his full name was Robert Bruce Banner and his fathers name was David if I remember correctly.

    JT, Speed 2 was the most boring "action" movie I have ever seen.

    "Oh no, were going 12 miles an hour! We only have 45 minutes to turn the ship ever so slightly to avoid another ship! We must slow the ship down one mile per hour every ten minutes or a pier will get smashed!" YAWN.
    EP, that's pretty interesting about "David/Bruce", speaks volumes about corporate stupidity.

    As for Speed 2, an excellent point - they took the "speed" out of Speed. But I personally never even got past the fact that the characters were made instantly so repulsive (except for the "villain", who they failed to make hateable... smaaaart) that I never wanted them to survive, no matter how bland and slow the danger.

    Originally posted by Wolfwood319
    Dick Tracy and The Shadow were also really good (wasn't the Shadow a Radio show, not a comic?)
    Yup, but a lot of folks I know put those 2 in the same boat, so I brought it up since cinematically, it does feel like a comic book film to me.


    During the Tim Burton/Superman debacle, I remember Kevin Smith claiming he should be the one to write AND direct the Superman film (he had been considered to write the film, I think he even did an early rough treatment) - I don't get why these "left-turn" directors think they are the right ones for the job? I mean, why not just have John Waters direct the damn thing if you're gonna go that way? Heck, with Waters love and use/abuse of kitsch, I think he might actually be a better choice to do this film than those 2! (That's NOT a recommendation to any Warner studio exec reading this to go out and hire John Waters to make this film!!!) Superman is not as easy to take liberties with as Batman or X-men because Superman is basically the most straight-laced superhero, he's boy scout superhero #1 and I can't imagine big Burton-esque changes or Smith-style banter fitting in with something so iconic as the Man of Steel. Smallville gets away with it only because Superboy wasn't very popular or engrained with the general society, so many can accept pre-Supes changes so long as actual-Supes changes are tiptoed around. (Strangely, I think by that same token, the Batman version of this concept - which Smallville was spawned from - would NOT hold up as well because Bruce Wayne's past is so much more of what makes up Batman that there's almost no way to turn a solid, accepted series out of this.)
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "We named the dog 'Chewbacca'!"
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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    The guy from Smallville is way too much of a pretty boy to play Superman, IMO.
    So you're saying Superman isn't supposed to be a pretty boy, well I guess Tim Burton had the right idea then with Nicholas Cage.
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    Originally posted by SithDroid

    So you're saying Superman isn't supposed to be a pretty boy, well I guess Tim Burton had the right idea then with Nicholas Cage.
    He shouldn't be a pretty boy, but he shouldn't be an ugly SOB either. I'll dig around to find what I THINK Superman should look like. Just my interpretation in any case.

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    While some of the comic-to-film movies have been enjoyable to an extent, I haven't been that impressed with any one of them to make me run out of the theater screaming with pleasure. Some are definitely worse than others (Batman 2 through whatever we're up to now) and some are indeed fun to watch (Spiderman, X-Men).

    But probably the "best" in terms of enjoyable comic-to-film yet has been the '60's Batman and Robin. Pure and unadulterated corniness. It didn't pretend to be anything more than it was and for that, it was and remains to be a good way to spend an hour and a half.

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    Sithdroid, I said I'd look around for a picture of someone who I thought would make a good Superman based on looks alone. So here he is, he's a bodybuilder named Dennis Newman and while he probably couldn't act his way out of a paper bag he does have the right look for Supes, IMO (although his jawline could be a little wider). We have to remember that Superman is the source of the superhero stereotype so he should look the part. Just a point of reference for my idea of Superman.
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    big barada,

    that photo of dennis newman is probaly pre-lukemia. he did make a comeback, but didn't get back to where he was, but you're right, he would look good in the blue suit.

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    Well, he looks like a pretty boy to me.

    I think his body is a little out of proportion, so I don't think that he would be a good choice, his arms are TOO big, plus I agree that he probably couldn't act his way out of a paper bag. However with Superman we have to remember that Superman is not all about "muscles." Going by the "new" Superman revsion on him, his Super powers are generated by Earth's Sun. Hence, no real need for super huge muscles because the sun gives him his strength.

    I still think that Tom Welling from Smallville would be a really good choice. I wouldn't dismiss him if I were you bigbarada until you have seen the show. He does a great job with the character and by the time the show ends and they get around to doing a movie spinoff of the series Tom would be 30 in real life. He could certainly play older if he had to.
    "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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    Originally posted by derek
    big barada,

    that photo of dennis newman is probaly pre-lukemia. he did make a comeback, but didn't get back to where he was, but you're right, he would look good in the blue suit.
    Yeah, I think he has less hair now because of the chemotherapy; but am not really sure when this picture was taken. Although he was back to competition standards a few years back. There was that incident were he wasn't allowed to compete because of his treatment, but he jumped up from the audience, ripped off his clothes, started posing right there on the spot and generally made a total *** of himself. But like I said, I only picked him for the way he resembles Superman in my mind.

    I consider pretty boys to be men who look like women. I would call Newman handsome, but not a pretty boy. Plus, I think the build would be cool for a movie, I'm tired of seeing scrawny actors who need latex and rubber to beef up their physiques. And I'm not thinking of this character from a realistic sense anyway, he's a comic book character and I am really starting to resent the recent trend to try and make comic heroes "realistic." They're supposed to be over the top, that's the whole point.

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    Well, I have to take back all the bad stuff I said about Smallville and Tom Welling. I finally watched it tonight and I must say, what a cool show! Welling is excellent in this role and I do think that he would do great as a big screen Superman.


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