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    Why is there no good Jaba figure from ROTJ?

    Why is this so?
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    I like the vintage version, personally. It was a good mix of comical and repulsive, which I'm sure added extra play value.

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    Jabba figure? Well, he's a big slug. haha What kind of Jabba figure would you like to see?

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    How about a big jelly-like version of him. Kind of solid.....but with a jelly-like give to him. That would be neat. Or retarded. Not sure which yet.
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    You've stumbled upon one of the great mysteries of the 21st century.

    Who knows? I think Hasbro is a little wary of releasing another figure of everyone's favorite slug since the three versions they released before weren't too well recieved (ANH:SE Jabba with Han; Jabba Glob; Spitting Jabba with Fode and Beed). Of course Hasbro has never really taken into account that those versions of Jabba probably didn't sell well because they sucked!
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    Ok, since we're musing here. How about a kinda "technical" version of jabba where his skin peels back revealing the 3 guys controlling him inside! heh heh..that'd be neat.

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    The only Jabba that has actually been any good in my opinion, is the Jabba Glob version. It's aleast about the correct size, and the coloring looks correct for ROTJ. We do need a nice Deluxe set, of Jabba w/Dias and Pipe and Bowl. Toss in a decent new sculpt of Bib Fortuna and make everyone happy. Oh, and the Jawa w/ the fan wouldn't hurt either.

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    At this point I could almost see them doing the Jabba from Episode I when he's at the Pod Race. Make the balcony, Bib, and the new girl in the slave leia outfit. Put the gong right next to him! But they could still do a new Jedi version at some point.

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    A new Jabba w/ Bib would totally rock.

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    Don't understand why in 19 years they could never make a figure that is right ! I mean Jabba is very easy to scult (Me thinks), is in a bigger size than a figure, can come with his accesories.....maybe with the upcoming cantina packs, there will be Jabba's palace Bib, new j'quille , new hermi oddle
    Isn't it a good idea?
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