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    Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine's Identity


    Up to ANH, does anyone other than Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, and Yoda know that Emperor Palpatine's identity is actually Darth Sidious?

    I am assuming that since the the rest of the jedi are already dead between ep III and ep IV, no other living being knows.

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    Interesting point. As far as movies go, I'd say that those are probably the only folks alive who know the truth. Bail Organa might know, but he dies offscreen in ANH, so he probably doesn't really count. Obi-Wan may also have mentioned it to Owen and Beru Lars, but there's no reason to think he did. Tarkin may know, and based on EU I'd say he does, but it's not evidenced in the films.

    Going into EU, the list gets much longer--at least of those who know Palpatine is a Sith Lord. Xizor, Sate Pestage, Mara Jade, Arden Lyn, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Trioculous, Kir Kanos, etc, etc, etc. . . .
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    I know alot of people accept the EU stuff, but I just consider the films and their novelizations as "Fact".

    I do not think Tarkin knows because he tells Vader that "he is the last of that ancient religion".

    I think Owen and Beru may know, since they need to know the full extent and importance of their resposibility. However, I am unsure why vader would not go back and pay his half-brother a visit and why Luke is allowed to keep his last name.

    Organa, I do not know. However, it would make sense to destroy his entire planet if he did know (mere coincedence that Organa's "daughter" is captured and to be executed?

    I do not know if my question has been asked before I hope others have more theories.


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    I really don't think that Owen and Beru know the full story. It's possible that they don't even really believe that Jedi can do all the stuff they say they do. The only Jedi they really met were Anakin and Obi-Wan and they didn't exactly put on a magic show to demonstrate their abilities.

    If Anakin didn't know that he had a son, then why would he need to pay a visit to Owen and Beru? Besides he believes that the Lars are "good people," so no need to harrass them or remind himself of the terrible pain of his mother's death (who, BTW, would probably be listed on the gravestone as Shmi Lars, thus Luke would probably never make the connection.).
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    I probably need to see ANH again, but I'm pretty sure the Lars know about Luke's dad all too well. Didn't Owen get pretty upset at Luke's mention of the "crazy old wizard"? I think Owen's job is just too keep Luke away from anything that will expose him to his destiny, until someone (Obi-wan or Yoda) gives the OK to prepare Luke for those challenges (either Luke or Leia). However, he is forced to be ready when all the events in ANH unfold. Either way Luke or Leia would eventually have to have been told the truth about their past so they could be the "New Hope" and bring Balance to the Force.

    Luke knows nothing, for his own good, but I think the Lars' would have to know what's up. You're probably right about not returning to Tatooine, as long as he does not know about his offspring.

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    Even if they did tell Luke about Shmi, it would still fit in with the story about Anakin being a navigator on a spice freighter. I think Owen and Beru know EXACTLY who Anakin is. That's why when Beru says "there's too much of his father in him" Owen says 'That's what I'm afraid of." But as for Palpatine, I think they know he is evil, regardless of what he calls himself. After he becomes Emperor, it's kind of a moot point isn't it?
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    Palpatine evil in the eyes of all in the Republic/Empire?

    Is he wrong for wanting to bring order to the galaxy?

    For example, not all colonists were against British rule during the American Revolution.

    I just think that it is interesting how the non-clone officers/governors of the Empire were either totally unaware that their boss was a sith lord or just in denial.

    How can you live with yourself and serve someone that you know is the embodiment of pure evil?

    It is interesting because of the similarities between Star Wars and 20th Century History (Nazi Germany). I am sure not all German Officers knew of the extent of Hitler's attrocities. Just the same, I am sure many Imperial Officers were unaware of their Emperor's true evil.


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