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    Lightbulb Best time and place to buy figures.

    Ok, list what you think is the best place to shop for figures and what hours of the day.

    For me it's Wal-Mart after 12 midnight, before 8 in the morning.

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    TRU the day after the truck has come in.

    I agree with Wal-Mart before 8.

    K-mart on Saturdays and Mondays.
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    Wal-Mart at about five or six in the morning.
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    Place: US.
    Time: Anytime.

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    Right now 2 different Super Targets are my goldmines. TRU still has the same godawful selection they had right around 4/23. A whole bunch of pegwarmers and not a lot else (though I did a couple Dookus there Monday). As for Wal-Mart....pfft. I've seen a Royal Guard or two and like one Taun We there, but they've also still got tons of the old figures no one needs anymore. Either they're not stocking much of anything new or the scalpers clean them out before daylight. I'm not the type of guy who goes to stores in the middle of the night, so I have to find my stuff on my lunch break, or right after work, or right as a store opens on weekends. Lately I've found great stuff in the late afternoon at Super Target, like most of the Orn Free Taa wave and a ton of Royal Guards

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    The further from Indianapolis you go the more you seem to find. There's more then corn in Indiana...there's STAR WARS FIGURES. haha

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    Place: TRU

    Time: Winter 2000-2001

    Price: $1.97 apiece for everything Commtech and Freeze Frame.....EVERYTHING

    too bad I didn't collect SW then, I coulda made out like a Bandit!!!
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    I go to Wal-Mart around 2-3 in the morning, usually with my best success. I have also had success going in mid afternoon on weekdays while most people are at work.
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    I've had the most success with Targets on Sunday mornings; and TRUs on Friday afternoons. I haven't noticed a pattern at WMs; I haven't found anything notable at any of those - mostly leftover MM stuff.
    I have no idea when the trucks come in, I just hit a few places on my lunch break and maybe on the way home, and either Sat. or Sun mornings if I'm not doing anything else.
    I figure I'll find what I want sooner or later.
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    Wal-MArt is the best shot around me, although Target and TRU have both been seeing new figures. I can usually only stop at WM after work though so I'm lucky if there's anything left
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