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    Figure Poster

    I was just at the TRU here in town and the customer service desk worker there (who knows me by name now) saw me come in and said here take this. It was the figure poster for AOTC. Then she asked if I wanted any other posters and things and I ended up with the free comic and all the lego posters they had.

    It looks as if the figure poster is sitting under the customer service counter and they are not being given out or advertised yet.

    It looks like they still had a bunch left in the box as if she just opened it (found it)

    Happy Hunting.

    She also looked up the truck information and told me when it was coming and what to expect. I think she should get a raise!!!!

    Laugh it up Fuzzball

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    I got mine last night, when I bought Saga Plo Koon, 2 POTJ Coruscant Blue Guards, and the three new AOTC Pez Dispensers.....

    neat poster, I got it hanging above my Loose Collection.....
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    My friend got one for me from Collection 2. I haven't hung it yet, but I will.....I think.
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