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    Space Battle in EPIII?

    I love the space battles!! Do you think one will be in Episode III?
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    I think it will open with a huge space and ground battle. The end of the clone wars. Remember we need to see Anakin as "the best star pilot in the galaxy." and Lucas likes to have recurring themes in his films, so if Episode III is going to have the personal battle between Obi Wan and Anakin be its climax (similar to the battle between Vader and Luke in ESB) then we need to have a huge opening sequence similar to the battle of Hoth. Rick hinted that "Armageddon" was in the next film, I think this may be it.
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    I agree Padawan, I'm hoping that George will open E3 with a huge space battle perhaps over Naboo or Alderaan between the Republic and Rebel forces.
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