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    Bloody Luke and friends for Sacul or TF Vader anyone?

    Just found a 2nd Bloody Bespin Duel Luke and I'm willing to trade it for a Jorg Sacul or TF Vader. Currently I have an extra Geo Mace, Royal Guard, and Bespin Vader (curled hand) that I'm willing to throw one of these three in with the bloody Luke for a Sacul OR all 4 figures for a TF Vader.

    All figures listed above are in MOMC condition and it's assumed that any prospective Sucal or TF Vader figure be in MOMC condition.

    Also, I may be able to pick up MOMC condition of the following figures if you need them and are interested in trading a Sacul or TF Vader:

    -Count Dooku
    -HD Anakin
    -FB Jango
    -Taun We
    -Geo Warrior with insert

    Email me if interested in a trade,
    This Lizard hath awakened!

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    Would you take anything else in trade, or offer to sell the bloody Luke?
    " I think I have the SITH sense...I see DARTH people!"

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    No longer in need of the Luke......move along......nothing to see here......
    " I think I have the SITH sense...I see DARTH people!"

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    Bloody Luke gone, thanks for the emails guys
    This Lizard hath awakened!


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