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    Actually, the absense of the red/beige sandy paintjob on the boots of the Red and Yellow Clones isn't that much of a error. Since it was the basic troopers that were doing most of the actual ground fighting. So, it's not that big of a deal.

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    Another subtle difference...

    The White Trooper plastic torso armor is much more shiny than the KB exclusives dull plastic torso armor.


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    JJB - True, but remember the red clones were leading the white clones into battle ON the ground. Same with yellow (with the pilots as exception, but those were different clones than the regular yellow ones. Different helmet fin).

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    12" Clone Commander...

    The exclusive from KB...the yellow one. Does anyone own it?
    I've passed this figure up twice (because I don't usually collect 12". I definitely want a Dooku though, and I've been thinking about other 12" figures too) and I think I'm starting to regret it.
    If anyone could tell me if this figure is worth the $21.99 (I get $3 off with my coupon!), I'd appreciate it.


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    Edit: No one owns this one?
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    There was a thread about this one when it first was found:
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    i have the white clone trooper, and he's one of my favorite 12 inch figures. of course i did a body swap, to a 21st century super soldier body, so he now super-articulated, but he's well worth the $20 i spent on him.

    i just got ship notifications from KB toys for my red and yellow troopers. can't wait to get those guys.

    a friend of mine who is a casual fan, saw my modified clone trooper yesterday, and said, "i bet that cost a lot."

    it's not marmit quality, but the super soldier body really does improve the figure.

    get him, and a $9 SS body and you'll be pleased.

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    Yes, i am looking forward to the yellow clone trooper, it looks cool.
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    Can you post some pictures of your body-swapped Clone Thanks!
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    another question about the 12" clones

    hi guys, this is my first posting, please have mercy

    here in sydney, i have seen the clone commander and clone captain selling at toys r us. how are they different from the kb exclusives? they are going for about $70AUD.

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    i have one but i don't usually open up my 12" figures...but my advice would be to just buy one and start up a 12" collection
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