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    Thunderstorm1 post pics, I wanna see your wall!

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    Re: Sold out as of now...

    Originally posted by JediWannaBe
    Last time I checked, was SOLD OUT for the second time.
    I have an extra pair if someone needs them, PLMK
    Hey, I PMed you to ask if you have any other 12" for trade. You happen to have a scout??

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    Sean the Hutt
    yep picked up one of each..the girl put two of each out when she saw I was only looking at star wars!

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    I have the red and am axiously awaiting my purchase of the yellow.
    Move along, move along

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    Just put one on hold today, didn't have money or my bank card. Gonna go back tomorrow to pick it up. Before today I'd only seen one red one, each of the two times I looked. Today when I went, the lady had just put out two red and a yellow. Just when I was going to be disappointed, the lady told me i could put it on hold for 24 hours. I told her to consider it sold by tomorrow.

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    I have a red one but need a yellow one. If you have an extra to get rid of PLMK. My email is Thanks.
    "For I am Palpatine, king of all I see,
    but I don't see enough
    that's the problem with me."

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    YGM re YEllA

    abell 748 YGM

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    Exclamation HEADS UP! S/W 12" ATOC Red & Yellow Clone Troopers

    Just letting everyone know that the 12" RED and YELLOW ATOC Clone troopers are back in stock at KBKIDS.COM.


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    Cool Thanks!!
    Just ordered mine.
    Use coupon code: DENNYTOYS
    This is good for $5.00 off!!
    If you are ordering a video game, use: DENNYVGMS for $5.00 off, they will only let you use one code per order, hope this helps someone out!

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    Exclamation Are the KB Yellow/Red Clonetroopers still shipping?

    Hey all, been a little busy of late. What's new?

    Haven't seen any KB clones lately. Are they still shipping to KB's? Or were they limited edition or something? The website's sold out too. When can we expect more? Or can we?


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