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    Question 12" Clone Troopers (Red & Yellow)

    I just bought red and yellow 12" clone troopers at KB Toys, but I can't find any info on these on the collecting sites. Any help? Are they exclusives, etc?



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    They aren't supposed to be released til sometime in June. Or do you mean you pre-ordered them from kbtoys. Thats the only way I know to get them right now.

    And yes they are exclusives to kbtoys.

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    Nice I bought them right off the shelf.


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    Looks like they are avaliable now. Everybody that wants these guys need to hit their local KB's. Seems that it's not just the 4" figures that are appearing earlier then intended. May want to start watching the stores for AOTC's 12" Wave 2 as well.

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    How much were they?

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    Normal KB price for 12" inch figures - $21.99 each.

    Also, I wanted to post the stamped production dates, which are different.

    Yellow Clone Commander - 20801

    Red Clone Trooper - 20961

    White Clone Troopers - 20731

    Also, the bottom, left, side/front picture on each box shows the red or yellow trooper, but the back on both shows the white trooper.

    The C-022E codes below "Made in China" are much larger on the KB exclusives.

    The small green "Hasbro" logo is on the top of the KB exclusives' box, but it is on the bottom of the regular white trooper box.

    The small green "Hasbro" logo is on the bottom, right section of the front box panel on the KB exclusives, while it is not there on the White Troopers.

    Assortment Numbers - KB exclusives
    White Trooper - 32494/32493 Asst.
    Red Trooper - 26777/26775
    Yellow Trooper - 26776/26775

    White Trooper Assembly Error - The arm's armor panel right above the elbow panel, on both of my White Trooper figures, is turned around. On the KB exclusive figures that have stripes painted down the same panel, and the panel is turned correctly.

    Both KB exclusives have 4 dots on the chest.

    1) The White Troopers Helmets have a small, black line painted in the grove at the bottom of the helmet. The KB exclusives do not have a black line painted in the groove.

    2) The White Trooper's chin helmet indentation is unpainted. The KB exclusives chin helmet indentation is painted black.

    3) The top of the legs on the White Trooper are sprayed with a beige dust-colored paint, but the KB exclusive has clean, unpainted white legs.

    4) The feet on the White Troopers seem to have a heavy orange-colored dust spray. The KB exclusives have clean feet.

    5) The mouth painting is very different from the White Troopers and the KB exclusives. On the White Troopers, there are 6 black painted holes on the mouth. On the KB exclusives, there are more correct 10 black painted holes.

    Also, the Yellow Clone Commander's yellow paint is different colors on different parts. The hands, elbow panels, and helmet have a darker (orange-ish) color than the other parts.

    The box colors between the White Troopers and the KB exclusives seem different too. The White Trooper's boxes are darker and more saturated (meaning the colors are darker and more vibrant).

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    Holy Moley, Batman! ANOTHER paint variation, #6. I just noticed this.

    The black, visor helmet paint on the White Trooper is dark and shiny, while the paint on the KB exclusives visors are dull and greyish.


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    normally I would be all over the 12" clone troopers...but their legs are way too short. It's like the Kimino Cloners cloned Emanuel Lewis and not Jango Fett...

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    I like my 12" white clone trooper alot. They have to be seen (out of box) to be appreciated. When I bought mine I started to feel like it wasn't worth $20. But after taking him out and messing with the articulation, I realized how cool he is.

    I can't wait to get the red and yellow ones.

    BTW, the error would more or less be on the red and yellow when it comes to the light beige paint on the legs and dark red on the feet. That paint is from them being on Geonosis. The red and yellow (although doesn't bother me), should have that same paint on the legs and feet.


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