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    If the recent figues (Fx-7) are any indication, Ep II figs will blow our socks off!!!

    wow, after seeing FX-7, Zutton, Rebel Trooper and the Imperial officer, I think we are going to get some super-crazy sculpts for the Ep II figures. The most recent figures in the POTJ line blow away anything Hasbro did during their EP I run.... kind of amazing what they are truly capable of. I can;t imagine the new FX-7 being any better than it is!

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    It could tap dance...
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    Thumbs up NICE

    It looks like we are going to have a great time with all these excellant new figures.
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    But... but I need my socks!

    Annnyway, I hope you're right, but I hope Hasbro knows to use the realscan as a tool instead of a crutch. If they use realscan as a crutch to create the bodies, we'll get more statue figures.
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    I'd like to be an optimist...

    ....and hope that the Rebel Trooper is an idication of what to expect. I don't mind Hasbro cribbing off of other companys if it means we get great looking figures with good posability.

    I think the RealScan stuff will be used more for the Action Collection than the standard figures...the sculpters Hasbro has working on the POTJ line lately have been outstanding without the use of RealScan.[COLOR=sienna][COLOR=chocolate][COLOR=teal]

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    JT might be right the new figures could be more statues but whats new there?

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    I hope they find a way so that the figure does not just stand there like a statue, i know the looks are good, but we also want articulation.
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    I think if many of the newer figures are any indication, there will be no shortage of articulation and great looking sculpts. As for the use of the Real Scan technology, I have to agree that it will be more of a boon for the large figures. Despite the level of photo realistic accuracy that the technology provides, the smaller you get, the more you lose in the translation. However, the scans will allow a much better reference for the actors, masks, costumes and props than the biggest stack of studio reference photos.
    A final note on articulation. I don't think there will ever be enough to satisfy some people. I am sure there are those who dream of one day having a figure with individually articulated fingers at each knuckle! And articulated eyes and eyelids. Fluid ball and socket hip joints for every conceivable pose. I guess I'm just one of those Star Wars toy vetrans who remembers what it was like to have an imagination.
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    Ohh sugarhoney - you sho' am cookin' tonight! You sock it to 'em tiger!

    A little more fluidity of movement wouldn't go amiss. I've always prided myself on the fact that I sustained an exceptionaly dull childhood with my imagination as my only comfort. But even then I still wanted the damn figures to be able to sit down at least. I still want that and ball joint elbows and shoulders. I don't want the legs tight together like a virgin in a bikers bar but I don't want them in one pose action stances like Eeth Koth or Han Solo DS escape. For the size of the figure and the cost we should be getting more but we don't. So the least they can do is find somewhere in the middle of the two extremes and do a better job of not stuffing up with crap like a million pit droids and all the other endless millions of figures that now clog up stores in the real world and in cyberspace. If I ever see another Naboo Qui-Gon it'll be too much to bear and I may have to take some drastic anti toy company action....... GRRRRRRRRRRRR!

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    We might want to rename this thread, "If Planet of the Apes and Lord of the Rings toys are any indication, Ep2 figures are going to blow big dingle-berries!"

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