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Thread: FAO Exclusives

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    Quote Originally Posted by hairless chewie
    I was kind of honked off at paying $75 for the Famba but i guess it's my own fault. I wonder if they will ever make the other type of Famba, the one that shot the shield beam into the circular one that we have now. And when will K-Mart have an exclusive??
    The Famba is awsome. I wish they would make the other one. I was only able to get one loose, but that's the way I wanted it. Has anybody ever asked about the Famba in Q&A? I doubt they would ever make another, but we can hope.

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    FAO exclusives? Methinks a moot point.

    And K-Mart got the Jedi Temple Assault exclusive shortly after they stopped flirting with bankruptcy, so I was half right. Can I call 'em or what?
    That's my jacket!


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