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    Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    We've had a flood of 'what can Hasbro possibly be thinking?' decisions of late - notably the rehash of Millenium Falcon carry case Wedge Antilles (by fan request apparently) and a number of the 'new' figures for the ROTS line. So I've decided to start this thread in which we can list any and all of Hasbro's most annoying foul-ups, past and present, which are symptomatic of the 'anything will do them' attitude they seemingly have right now.

    Basically its a complaints thread, Hasbro/Star Wars toys-related, covering anything from why we got a rehash instead of a new figure, wierd pack-in decisions, ill-advised figure choices, absurd and inappropriate accessories, nonsensical fixed poses, our present lack of some really obvious figures and vehicles, packaging decisions, figures intended for fitting in vehicles - and not fitting in the vehicles etc.

    I'll start with this one: The ROTS Clone pilot comes with a rehashed radar dish accessory..... ...why? Did I take a toilet break during the scene with a clone pilot manning a missile-firing radar dish? Words cannot express how much more logical it would have been to include the gunship beam weapon that came with the AOTC pilot figure. Why wasn't it? Are we really meant to scour the internet to buy more gunship pilots just to get the guns for our latest repainted Republic Gunship? Poor.
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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    ROTS Kenobi with the AOTC lightsaber, WTF I mean a decent figure that had potential to recreate a great scene and now it's over

    ROTS Mace Windu another mistake that could have been great if it came with the agen kolar cloak and removable arm.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    Where is the DSII Jedi Luke weve all wanted? You gave us that horrible Throne Room Duel one thinking that it would make up for the demands, and it just made them worse and more frequent. I think I speak for the general masses of SW collectors when they say they want a collector friendly version of Luke in his most epic battle. Hell, look at my info, print it out, or save it, and look at that and a picture of Mark Hamil in that scene and crank that figure out. I myself will by at least 4, and I know everyone will buy at least one. This is a jackpot of a figure, which will sell out of stores like hot cakes. I hope you tell us later on today at CC you have this figure planned for release. If not, Ill be devastated (hell, my name is ROTJLuke) and I think many others will be PLEASE HASBRO, MAKE MY DEATH STAR II LUKE SKYWALKER JEDI KNIGHT FIGURE, AND I PROMISE YOU ILL NEVER EVER COMPLAIN AGAIN!!

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    LMAO!!! I knew whent I saw this thread there would be the cry for DS2 Luke!! haha anyway

    Jedi need robes end of story, If you are not going to make them with robes don't make them.
    No more action features almost every figure should be made SA (this might also solve the figure fitting in ship error)

    I want an Obi 1 Evolution pack but with 5 figures (episode 1 through spirit obi)
    I am a big fan of new charaters we don't have yet so I want figures of all of the Solo kids and characters from KOTOR, man that was a great game

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    Commander Frickin' CODY!

    Clone Pilot in Jedi Assault pack??? And to boot a non-hooded Anakin/Vader???

    Crap just crap. Face it Hasbro, you screwed up on this set. Here's hoping it sells for $20 or LESS!!!

    How about just plain getting movie accurate figures?
    White clone? I like them, but we never saw all white ones in the movie. Certainly not enough that they would over shadow the Utapau clones. Or Jedi Temple Assault clones (thanks for making BTW, but you still screwed up the paint deco)
    Barc speeder pilot is not a Kashyyyk Clone trooper! The Target clone is close to the correct BARC pilot, but even there the helmet is W. R. O. N. G. WRONG!
    BTW, if you're goig to make the wrong pilot then why not make him poseable so we could at least use him for the Kashyyyk scenes? (Or better yet single card him)
    General Grievous is TOO SMALL!!! (Have you guys even seen the movie???)
    Commander Bacara is not SA? WTF. If you could make a close one with #6 clone and a better one with #41, then why not for Bacara?
    Battle Droids and Super Battle droids...better grade plastic so they can stand WITHOUT the bases, please. Some of us don't like the bases and would rather have you spend movie on better figs than bases.
    If we got a Luminara then why not a Barris Offee? We got a Barris as a 12incher...odd, very odd.
    AT-TE Gunner?? Okay, so fine make him, then where's our damn AT-TE to put him in? Huh? HUh HUH?

    Gawd I could go on and on. What stinks about all of this is even with all of these flaws, it's still one of the better years for collecting. (What does that say about previous years though...use your own imagination.)

    Alright, I've started a good rant, who wants to step up to the plate next?
    Move along, move along

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    I will gladly return to the fray Jedi master sal!!

    The AOTC airspeeders could have been made fully to scale with the figures (and not been a great deal bigger than they are now). Would it really have made a harmful impact on price? I hate that even vehicles for which movie accurate scale is feasible invariably get downsized. Zam wessells speeder is tiny and if you can get the figure in at all she has to lie flat with her face looking up at the roof rather than threw the front windscreen - ridiculous. theres no point putting her in there at all. Meanwhile 2 figures can just about squeze in the Anakin speeder but its hardly a comfortable fit - again it didn't need to be that way. A few millimetres of extra width and length for heavens sake.

    POTJ x-wing Luke's feminine pose and buck teeth.

    POTF2 Lak sivrak and Lobot - 'action' poses??

    Both Lobot figures are taller than whatever Bespin Lando you pick...I'm not a very observant guy at the best of times but I know for certain that Lando is TALLER than Lobot!!! Come ON!!!!!

    Saga Barris Offee's robe - it looks to me like its defying physics with all that billowing

    ROTS Luminara Unduli has ball-jointed shoulders and swivel elbows and wrists - great, it means both arms can be in a sabre holding position or be down by her sides.
    ROTS Shaak Ti has ball-jointed shoulders and 2 swivel points on the right arm but nothing else on the left arm - it is therefore stuck in a 90 degree sabre holding position - why? What had you got against Shaak Ti's left arm??
    ROTS Aayla Secura has ball jointed shoulders and swivel wrists but a swivel bicep on only one arm...again why? Why not give the other arm a swivel bicep too if you're going to go to the trouble at all? It defies logic.

    Saga Secret Ceremony Anakin - don't call it that when you have him in an inappropriate stance and a billowing cape. The pose and hanging of his cape should have been completely neutral for this scene. And the ankle joints look stupid quite frankly - they don't match up with overall positioning of his legs.

    Anakin's swoopbike pack-in figure - why does he look like he's forcing out a log??!!!?? And we could have done with a billowing cape here, where is it? Bit of a mix-up there wasn't there?

    This is going back a bit but, beefiness aside, 1995 Basic Han Solo's pose was utterly laughable even for the time.

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    Star Wars Choppers?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Someone was high when they thought it up, and also the erpson that approved it.
    BAD needs: HK-50 torso, right arm and head
    YVH-1 head

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    Quote Originally Posted by dr_evazan22
    Star Wars Choppers?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Someone was high when they thought it up, and also the erpson that approved it.
    I...give up.
    I know kids need......entertainment, but making the CHOPPERS when all I want is a bloody Cloud Car for the 3 3/4"...

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    I would also really like a Jedi Evolutions pack, that focuses on PT jedi. You gave us some great jedi, but I (along with many) want SA versions of Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan. However, instead of Obi being the last, Mace would be. Qui-Gon from ep.I,Obi from ep.II, and a SA Mace with soft goods cloak from ep.III. If you really wanna know what we need...just look below...

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    Re: Hasbro's most irrational/confounding/infuriating toy decisions

    Every single decision that Hasbro makes is based on $. I think most of us here know that, but really Hasbro, the guy that you are paying to make these decisions is a rookie. I'd say 50% of the time you have a clue and right after I think you have more then you prove to me that you don't.

    Right now Hasbro is spreading themselves out too thin with all these tangent lines of toys. Hasbro need to focus on 2-3 SW toys lines and that's that. That's just my uniformed opinion.
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