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Thread: FAO Exclusives

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    Question FAO Exclusives

    Will FAO get anymore SW exclusives? We've already seen the exclusives from Target, Walmart and Toys R Us. Why isn't there any mention about FAO or for that matter KayBees?
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    Well, we don't actually "see" the Target Exclusives....I never saw a skiff or a Y-Wing. And I don't think K-B and FAO will be in the "Exclusive" club anymore due to the stringent demandsof Hasbro that must be met after the Episode 1 fallout.

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    For the love of corn I HOPE NOT! I hate exclusives but I hate FAO's handling of exclusives even more.
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    I have to agree with JT on FAO's entry into the exclusives market. Apart from the relative lack of FAO stores (only two in Texas that I know of), if you recall their past exclusives they are all terribly, prohibitively, and almost criminally EXPENSIVE!
    I had never bought the Biggs/Wedge 12" set when it was out. When I went to see Star Wars The Magic of Myth in Houston I accidentally found the Houston FAO store. They had the ($75.00) Biggs/Wedge set at 75% off, I was back down this weekend and they had none.
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    We have no FAO stores here in Ohio, so I am glad there probably won't be anymore exclusives for them. Most of them were so completely overpriced as it was. I saw a few of them 2 summers ago in Chicago.

    I say- let the exclusives go to the store that are a little more widespread. Yeah, FAO Schwartz is a cool toy store, but as a fan... I am certainly not going to travel just to take a look at them and turn my nose up at the price (or the sculpt for that matter).
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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    Well, we don't actually "see" the Target Exclusives....I never saw a skiff or a Y-Wing.
    I saw plenty of Skiffs, I blame you Target for ordering so many to be made!!!!!
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    That is if u can call them exclusives, cuzz its true you see them in FAO, but in a couple of months they are in most hobby stores.

    Exlusive toys?? The one i really remember was hard to get was the Froot Loops Kellogs Han Solo. Now thats an exclusive.
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    Fao Famba

    I was kind of honked off at paying $75 for the Famba but i guess it's my own fault. I wonder if they will ever make the other type of Famba, the one that shot the shield beam into the circular one that we have now. And when will K-Mart have an exclusive??
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    Re: Fao Famba

    Originally posted by hairless chewie
    And when will K-Mart have an exclusive??
    When they stop sucking and flirting with bankruptcy.
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    I highly doubt they'll get anymore. I mean, it'd take the re-release of the friggin' Imperial Shuttle for Hasbro to make the FAO exclusive mistake again.
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