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    Do kids even like Star Wars any more?

    This thread was inspired by some comments in another thread I read earlier. I was just thinking, do kids even still enjpy Star Wars movies anymore? I'm talking younger kids. I had to laugh when I went to see AOTC and a few little kids were sitting near me. When Anakin and Padme entered the droid factory and the environment turned dark and a little creepy one of the kids whispered to his dad "I thought you said this wasn't a scary movie." Pretty funny. But that got me wondering. I mean the movies are generally pretty loud, tons and tons of people get killed usually, severed limbs, geonosians getting smushed on red hot conveyer belts, just LOOK at darth maul!, I just can't imagine little kids still enjoying these movies. Maybe some of you out there with kids can shed some light on this. It seems as if Star Wars has evolved (or de-evolved) into a more "mature" fairy tale.

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    well i know i like it, and i know alot of young children that do, i dont think that the young children like the "old" movies, but i see little kids buying figures and talking about star wars all the time
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    My nephew Thom likes star wars. he hasn't seen AOTC yet and his journey started with the OT when he was just tiny. he went to see TPm and he loved it and loved JarJar. he likes Darth maul and all the Jedi swordplay. he likes the space battles and the droid battles. he turned his toy royal starship into a troop transport for battle droids the other day. He likes all the action but hates the long dialogue sections and senate scenes. he doesn't understand the politics or the over all plot yet but he's only six. he doesn't find it scary but more like thrilling. he hides when maul first shows up but then starts yelling out what happens next to me. he jumps around during the saber battles and makes the lightsaber noises along with his videotape. Even repeating some of the dialogue as it's spoken. I can't wait to find out what he thinks of AOTC. I think he's going to want to get a load of clonetroopers but he might just want Anakin instead and a few Geonosians to squish. he'll love the speeder chase. My only worry is that he'll fling himself off the top of the stairs trying to freefall like Anakin or smash up the place with a toy lightsaber after he sees the Jedi fighting.
    But I'd say that there are still some younger kids who enjoy star wars. I encourage Thom as much as I dare and try to keep him interested by getting him toys and stuff.
    I don't know about kids younger than that though, star wars isn't meant for kids really though. Uncle george reckons he makes it for twelve year olds and my other twelve year old nephew isn't the slightest bit interested anymore. He looks at star wars the way a scientist studies a germ - curious, but not involved in any way.

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    I don't think any of the new movies will ever be as influential on children as the OT. We (those of us that were kids between 77-83) didn't have as many choices of entertainment as the kids of today do. I don't think Tron, Battlestar Gallactica, Buck Rogers, or
    even the Black Hole even compare to all of the tv shows and movies of today (Power Rangers, Pokeman, Dragon Ballz, and any other Marvel/DC comic superhero).

    Yeah, sure, some kids might like it, but it won't be their primary focus like it was of the children 25 years ago.
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    When I first saw ESB, I was only about 5 or 6 and I remember thinking Yoda was kinda scary.

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    That's another good point Jargo that I forgot to mention, the long dialogue. I mean I enjoy all the political mumbo jumbo, and I think it was something the OT lacked, but little kids have gotta be squirming during these parts.

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    I thought all the creatures in ROTJ in Jabba's palace were rather scary. Star Wars doesn't mean anything to little kids now like it did to us when we were kids who grew up with it. The kids are seeing Star Wars as it would have been from beginning to end.
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    I've seen the film twice now and in both I saw kids from 4 years up to teens and they all seems to love the film. The coolest part is how jazzed they got when Yoda force grabs his light saber and begins to battle Dooku. The applause in the theater were deafening!!
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    When i saw it the second time, there were a bunch of kids there. Not that young, probably between 9 and 11.
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    When I was a little kid it amazed when I saw Aldeeran blow up. Each time I saw it I was amazws at the Death Star and that scene.
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