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    Thumbs up Stands included with Figures

    Dear Hasbro:
    It seems quite a few fans (including children, therefore most of your consumers) complain that their figures cannot stand on their own, or, that a simple bump will knock them down.
    It seems feasible for Hasbro to include a stand with each figure.
    If production cost is an issue for Hasbro, I would rather see money spent on stands rather than poorly functioning magnets or, mechanisms that may break over time (not to mention those blast effects).

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    I like that idea. C'mon Hasbro make something that would benefit our figures.
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    Or you can just buy a ton of Real Stands, cheap thru the Fan Club. Any stands Hasbro does will be complained about anyway, why ask them to make them.

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    The blast effects are cool! Keep those Hasbro! Just throw in a simple standard. It woulden't cost much, since you only have to make 1 mold.

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    Well at least the comtech chips were good for something! I used mine as stands for the 6 E1 figures that I have. My classic trilogy figures on the other hand keep falling down (except my r2 units).
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    Perhaps there's a secret deal going on here.

    Makers of stands: Hey hasbro, here's some green, make your figures so they can't stand up. We'll sell more of our product.

    Hasbro: Ok.
    Charles Barkley:
    That's cold Obi-Wan

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    Good point.

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