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    Boba Fett Vs. Mace Windu

    O.K. Sam Jackson has gone on record saying that he hopes GL will come up with an ending befitting Mace. So what show down would be the coolest? Mace VS. Boba Fett grudge match with Boba getting revenge for his father's death or Mace VS. Palpatine in a Force throw down?
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    I see Boba getting his revenge on Mace.
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    Helmet or not, Boba will just be 14 in Episode III. That alone makes me leary of this. Boba should stay on the fringe, then reappear in TESB. He should be a product of hard conditions and circumstance, not some sort of fanboy-dream commando. He has more to worry about than revenge.

    I'd rather all the vengeance be coming from Anakin. It's his story, after all. Let him off Mace.

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    I agree, Boba will still be too young in EPIII!

    BTW, Fett reappears in ANH. It's CANNON GL said it was cannon Isn't it? Cannon, I mean!
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    By fringe, I meant Ep3 and ANH. He's not too deadly in the ANH Special Edition, unless that stare got to you.

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    Yup, they slipped Fett into ANH, so it is Canon, making every fanboy's wet dream come true......

    and no, I don't think he deserves to off the toughest Jedi Master in the Galaxy (Next to Yoda)

    that should go to either Sidious, or Anakin.......
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    Only Anakin or possibly Dooku should take down Mace. Anyone else will totally undermine the essence of the Jedi in general.

    Just my opinion though.
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    i wouldn't be suprised if fett isn't in episode 2 at all. like others have said, he'll still be a kid. his father didn't fare too well against mace, so it would be rather cheap for boba to kill him.

    i don't know how lucas is gonna fit in a decent death scene for mace, unless he is killed by dooku around mid-film, then anakin could kill dooku.

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    I see Mace tripping over Yoda and hitting his head on the sink. That would be a fitting death for that punk.
    Seriously, I dont think Boba should be the one to kill Mace. It would be like Anakin in EP1 killing Maul. Just too much of a difference power wise. Let either Anakin, Sideous, or Dooku deal with him. Let Fett show back up in the OT.
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    Mmmmmm... no.

    Mace Windu might be killed by Anakin, Dooku or the Emperor himself but my guess is he'll die at Boba Fett's hands. Perhaps a Hail Mary shot or maybe Fett actually kicks ***. Either way, this particular prize earns him the "top gun" reputation we all heard about in the OT...

    I think he'll nail MW down with some sort of lucky shot because from what we saw in the original trilogy, he wasn't THAT good a warrior.


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