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    Couple of small things I noticed...

    -After the explosion, there's an establishing shot of the fire in the ship. I was busy looking for the droid that came as a preview figure, and noiced a ship flying off the left side of the screen that looked a lot like Zam's.
    -Part of Padme's shirt was ALREADY missing when the Nexu slashed her. All it slashed was a scrap of shirt.
    -The saber that comes with HD Anakin is not the one he uses in the movie. His movie green saber is Ki Adi Mundi's hilt. Obi Wan's looks VERY familiar, but I haven't figured out who it belongs to yet.
    -Speaking of Ki adi, before boarding the gunship, he's seen blocking gunfire-- with a GREEN saber. When he gets on the ship, though, his saber is back to being blue.
    -There are two types of yellow clones-- Pilots, without fins, and commanders WITH fins.

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    Ki's saber in the blocking scene is blue, it's just that there's too much white and a thin outline of blue.

    I have a feeling that Hasbro was just told to make a generic hilt with Hangar Anakin, because the saber doesn't really have an owner. And there's not really a good shot of the prop used that I've come across. The closest is Anakin holding both of the hilts, and you still can't really make it out well - some argue that it's Ki, others think that it looks more like Adi's TPM saber.

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    Obi Wan has Adi's ep 1 hilt. I just looked through my figures.

    Well, I certainly plan on seeing AOTC a few more times, so I'll look closer at Ki Adi's saber next time.

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    if you look closely, ki-adi mundi and plo koon were captured by the geneosis warriors and taken back to the remaining jedi in the center of the arena. look again as they are escorted at screen left by the drone warriors. the rumor is the scene where they deactivated the battle droids was cut and they were captured. they probably picked up sabers off the arena floor when the clonetroopers flew in.

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    The ship that flies off the platform to the left of the screen is a Naboo fighter.
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    I posted that same info in another thread last week. There is a ship barely visible through the fog that flies out to the bottom left of the screen from UNDER the landing platform as the Senator's ship explodes. It flies off pretty quick so you only get a quick glimpse of what certainly looks like Zam's speeder (and is certainly NOT a Naboo fighter) partially obscured by the fog.

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    I saw something that resembled a Tie Fighter today when I saw it for the second time. It was on the computer to the left of Mace Windu when he walks into the Senate Chamber.
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    The cut scene from where Ki-Adi-Mundi, Plo Koon, and Aalya Secura get pushed back into the last of the Jedi circle is the same scene where the NSyncers get killed. They were sabotaging the droid controls and got nailed.
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    Talking Visual Treasures 2nd, 3rd etc. time around.

    I spotted the "CRIMSON" imperial guards in the back of Palpitines office, they are hard to see, they blend in with the background.
    Plus I noticed Luke's speeder in Lar's garage there.
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    One interesting thing I noticed was that Padme had blasters in the holsters on her belt during the whole droid factory thing, and they were secured on there so they couldn't of fallen out - why didn't she attack the Geonosians with her blasters?
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