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    New line = bad news for MOMC collectors.

    In looking at the new Blue cards I noticed that the gloss is gone, the cards are a bit less sturdy, they have more stress marks and the cards tend to warp easier (or there are just more warped cards).

    This means bad news for MOMC collectors. Especially since these problems tend to work WITH eachother. Here's how I see it:

    Thin (CHEAP) cards tend to bend, stress, warp easier.

    Dull cards tend to make it more difficult to detect stress lines.

    So it becomes much more difficult to find MOMC figures. I finally noticed stress marks on 3 of my figures that I had not noticed before.

    So there you have it, yet another reason to give up my obsessive-compulsive need to be a completist!

    Though I miss it desperatly! I still cannot justify spending good money on figures like pop-up Padme' Laura Croft.
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    Not to mention figures like R2-D2: Corsurant Sentry and Chewbacca: Cloud City Capture have batteries included, so it's either open them, or leave them carded and pray they don't leak. So glad I don't collect carded, so I can just buy the best paintjobs and free them from their plastic prisons.

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    never understood the appeal of collecting "on card".
    i'm not in it for the "investment"
    i need an ephant mon, who wants to help? :D

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    Plus you have to remember that the figures are meant to be opened and played/posed with, not as carded collector relics or mint on mint card profit makers, so the packages durability is the last thing Hasbro cares about since its supposed to the thrown to the trash or bent and ripped when you open the figure.
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    I've been a MOMC collector since '95. True, they're not as much fun as opening them (I do buy others to open), but since my display of choice is to tack them up on my bedroom walls there's just something cool about looking at a 300+ carded figure wallpaper.
    I am starting to consider being an opener though. Since they're starting to come with so many neat features it's a shame to leave them in the package. Besides, then I'll have more to play with!
    Boy, that's going to be a fun day when I decide to tear open all 300+ figs at once!
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    I'm a mixed collector. I used to open everything when i started in 1995, but i kept everything in the boxes starting with E1. I did get some extra's to open though. With POTJ i kept everything closed and with AOTC i'm opening most of them now and the rest when my diorama's are finished. I'll probably end up opening a lot more of my collection, keeping some of the packaged stuff and selling off the uninteresting stuff to make room for Episode 3.

    About the Sage cards, i think they are a lot sturdier than the previous cards and so are the bubbles.

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    One figure you're gonna have trouble keeping on the card is the new Bespin Luke. If you haven't gotten it yet, plan on buying two if you're a carded collector, cuz that one just begs to be opened and played with.

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    I am a carded collector, but the lower quality backing cards don't bother me that much since I am not anal about condition. I actually like these cards because of the uniform size makes storage much easier. I don't have the room to display them, I keep them in boxes and take them out to look at and admire.

    I am not in it for the $ either, but I consider the package is a major part of the overall aesthetic value of the figure, so for me, opening them is like getting rid of part of the figure. The visual appeal of the backing card for me outweighs the loss of figure's playability.

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    I'm a carded collector as well and agree with you wedgeA. I happen to have a whole room devoted to my collection though and can hang the figures on the walls turning the room into one big display. I like the cards because they give you the character's name and a picture from the movies to compare the figure with. If the fig. is really cool I'll buy an extra one to open though.
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    The only reason I've ever seen for collecting carded figures is for nostalgia's sake. I enjoy seeing the vintage carded figures as they looked when I first saw them; on those mega-cool old school vintage cards! I imagine some day I'll want to reminisce about seeing the recent lines brand new in the package too, but for now I buy for the figures not for the cardboard.


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