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Thread: Prince Xixor

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    Prince Xixor

    Just curious, but what do you think of this character from "Shadows of the Empire" making some kind of appearance in Ep. III, even if only in the background?

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    George doesn't really do much of the Expanded Universe in the movies. True, the Outrider was in ANH, etc so it is a posibility him being in it, but it won't be any more than a background character.
    It wouldn't really bother me much if he was in it or not, I'm not really a big EU fan.

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    would be cool to see him in the background in the senat or something

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    How about in the DVD expanded versions of the OT. Istn't Xizor standing next to the emperor when we first see him in ESB. I mean where ever the emperor is makeing his holo trasmission from Xizor is standing next to him. Isn't that how the SOTE starts off. I think if GL is going to redu some sceens and connect the OT w/ the PT that would be a good sceen to do.
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    good idea icatch9 !
    I just started reading SOTE and yes it is the first scene
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    I like the idea of EU characters in the background, but i agree with Pendo, don't give them major parts. cameos are enough.
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    Now was the Outrider in the Original version or was it added later for the SE? If it was added later then YEAH!! That would be a hope modual for me!!!!
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    NO prince xizor most likely wont be in it, but he has a posibility of being a cameno as george says you may see orginal triogly charcters that havent been in the movies make cameos but prince xizor was in eu, what about Aalaya Secura being in AOTC...i still dont get why Aalaya Secura was in aotc and qulinan vos wasnt
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    I hope Xizor isn't in it... I don't like EU stuff in the movies. EU should stay EU.
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    I wouldn't mind maybe seeing him come out of the office as some of the Jedi masters are going in. That would raise some eyebrows.
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