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    IN DIRE NEED OF E1 FIGURES, mostly commons!

    I'm missing a ton of figures from E1, cause I got a really late start on collecting them.
    heres my want list... need them mint... .00's or .01's doesnt matter

    Battle droid (any variation)
    quigon - jedi duel
    obi wan - jedi duel
    darth maul - jedi duel
    anakin - tatooine
    padme - /w pod race screen


    ki adi mundi

    my have list is quite small... i just recently started collecting so not much to offer cept newer stuff
    i have aotc

    luminara, red royal guard, taun we, genosian warrior, count dooku, yoda, mace windu, luke (non bloody), vader, jango fb...
    more to come as they come out

    also have e1 sio bibble/ pit droid 2 pack

    please if anyone can help me out, i would greatly appreciate it

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    I have these loosenot sure of your preferance carded or open)
    jedi qui gon
    jedi obi wan
    duel maul
    battle droid

    all are mint complete I also have these carded exept for the battle droid and anikin.(I would like to trade the loose though)

    I need:
    AOTC Bespin vader
    AOTC luke
    AOTC finale battle jango
    AOTC Geo mace
    EP1 pit droid two pack

    LMK if interested
    TK421, why are you not at your post? TK421 do you copy?
    great traders:
    Jonboy, lowly bantha cleaner,

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    ahha im a newbie to this, i need them carded and as mint as mint can be
    let me know

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    I can trade them cared(all exept for the droid and anikin)
    But they are on canadian cards
    LMK if still interested

    TK421, why are you not at your post? TK421 do you copy?
    great traders:
    Jonboy, lowly bantha cleaner,

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    whoops sorry to specify again, i need U.S. no tri logos, etc

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    I will give you 2 of the figs you need for Sio Bibble. Lmk what you think. Thanks

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    Need Bespin Luke, PIt Droids

    I could swap a
    Darth Maul Jedi Duel
    Padme Naberrie
    Qui Gon Jedi Duel
    and I'll thow in an Ody Mandrell

    for pitdroids & Bespin Luke & AOTC YODA

    I also have a
    Obi Wan Jedi Knight Episode I
    Boss Nass

    if interested

    ALL MOMC US cards

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    have figs you need

    i have 3p0, ki adi mundi, padme with racing screen, anakin on tatooine, the maul qui gon and obi-wan you need, i dont know if what i have is the duel but it is the first issue of each if thats what you need, i need any trilogy figure in potf or saga line, let me knwo if you want ot make a deal, email me at

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    Hey, i have the Kaadu with Jar Jar Binks for trade or sale LMK if you are interested
    "Someone get this walking carpet out of my way!"


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