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    Nostalgic toys of the 80's

    OK, I'll admit it, I am feeling a, lately!

    As such I have been a bit nostalgic lately. So I hit a few 1980's web sites and checked out some of my old favs. Here is a quick run down of what I looked up:

    G.I. Joe
    Transformers (Original)
    Thunder Cats
    Tranzor-Z (AKA Mazinger-Z)
    Bionic Six
    Jacen and the Wheeled Warriors

    Odly, I had a difficult time finding much for these on ebay and old toy sites. It seems that the last four on my list are a bit hard to find these days. I managed to find SOME stuff, but little in the way of old TOYS. And the stuff I did find was pretty cheap.

    FIVE BUCKS for a MOMC action figure from 1986!!! Yep, and "Buy it Now" set at less than $10.00!!!

    I just don't get it. I mean, I know that Bionic Six was a LOT less popular than SW but come on, how many of these things are floating around MOMC? Not many, is there just no market for these things?

    Heck, I am SERIOUSLY considering buying a some of the old stuff, just for nostalgia's sake.

    Does anyone here collect the older 80's toys? If so, where do you find most of your stuff?

    Is anyone out there considering collecting vintage non-SW toys on the side?

    BTW, I noticed that many of the old GI Joes are still pretty reasonably priced.
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    I've been searching for 80's toys as well. Some of the more obscure titles are really hard to come by. I'm having the hardest time trying to find stuff from C.O.P.S. and Dinoriders. There's also a bunch that I can't remember the name of, and I wish I did.
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    I had some trouble remembering the names of some old cartoons too. I found a great site listing 80's toons along with ref. pics, info, etc:

    Now if only I could find some old Silverhawks figures!
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    What? No He-Man and She-Ra?

    You should check out if you're interested in the biggest icon of the eighties (before he makes his comeback)

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    thanx for the site darth havoc I remember when I had some of the heman figs and a few comics with the figs which my mom always boughton flee-markets for me and my brother
    someone maybe know a site with pics of the old TMHT/TMNT figs? I would love to see some which I don't know yet, I still have baout 80 (!) of them which I always got from my father when he went to the US on businesstrips but I figured I missed some lines

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    Not sure if everything is on there, but you could try for some Ninja Turtles pictures

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    it's ok just checked out your site sithkiller and found it
    just cjecked out all the figs again and I still love them
    I have some great memories with them

    thanx for the link darth havoc the loose shots are cool

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    The only reason SW toys command such a high price on the secondary market is demand. There is no rule-book that states that when a toy reaches such-and-such age it is worth such-and-such amount of money. It's all about supply and demand. Although with 80s mania in full swing, it'd be best to get ahold of a few of the older toy lines before they are re-discovered by the collector's market and start to increase in value.
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    I would love a big box of original Micronauts. I had lots of them - they probably were my favorite thing OTHER than SW during "thie times" and I'd love to play with a few for an afternoon and then give them back. I loved the one that came with the plastic pharoh's tomb, and the cool Space Glider or whatever with the switchblade backpack. Cool toys. They were MEGA poseable too. Baron Karza did look quite a bit like Vader, however. Or was it vice versa? Hmmm....


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