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  • The Emperor's TIE Interceptor will vape this Rebellion!! (Vote and post your choice - it's that close!)

    125 54.35%
  • The X-wing fires and you can kiss this Squint goodbye!! (Vote and post your choice - it's that close!)

    105 45.65%
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    It was a tough decision, but I went with the X-Wing. The TIE Int. is a great looking ship, but it's features had so much more potential. The X-Wing, while fallling short of it's cousin (Power FX) still is a better designed toy overall than the TIE. Movable wings, sound FX, landing gear. Maybe if the TIE would have come with a cool docking bracket or something my vote would've swung that way, but...

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    I went with the TIE because I'm a sucker for pack-in figures. Granted, he's not the best looking pack-in, but what's a ship without a pilot?

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    The TIE Interceptor definetly over the x-wing. Although the x-wing holds a tremendous sentimental value in my heart as my first star wars toy that was lost years does not compare to the sleak design of the interceptor...
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    Neither of these ships are the best but I like the Interceptor a little more. The X-wing is just too puny looking.

    Wow this is a close vote. My vote put the Interceptor up by only one.

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    Geez! 68 for the Interceptor, 66 for the X-Wing. We've got a close one here.
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    I gatta go for the Inteceptor. The X-Wing was way to small and cheap lookin.
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    Note I added the instructions for new voters to post their choice, too.

    So we avoid ugly debates like who won between the Tank and the Skiff, if it is this close, I'm hand-counting posts as well as votes!

    The TIE Interceptor looks like it's winning on both counts.

    Ah, too bad. I voted for the X-wing! Electronic movie sounds are too cool! I wish they'd make a TIE with the fly-by and laser rattle-snake sounds!

    But the majority of the posts and the majority of the votes should match up before we declare a winner.

    In preliminary fight 13, I'm still thinking the skiff was artificially promoted, and the tank is going into the quarterfinals unless enough individuals support the skiff (which won the numbers count by 1 vote). It's the only way to keep these contests tamper-proof (at least in theory). If that doesn't work, then somebody really has too much time on their hands.

    Meanwhile, this contest really does look like it's THAT close between the X-wing (with sounds) and the Interceptor (with a figure). It will be interesting to watch this contest and see what happens.
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    I'm going with the X-wing, because I feel that it's the hardier toy. The Interceptor is like so many figures in the new Saga line - soft plastic, increasingly tiresome battle damage, and a look of fragility.

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    I think the TIE Inceptor translates better in the modern liner the the original X-wing. Little was done improve the X-wing, but a lot was done to the TIE Inceptor. But as someone mentioned early if this the F/X X-wing this would a vary tough mach.
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    Just a side-comment here, because this always comes up in the Dog Fights...

    watch the movie - especially ANH and the trench run - and then there's a great shot from Lando's POV in the cockpit ["Only the TIE Fighters are attacking. I wonder what those stardestroyers are holding for?"] when you see an X-wing shoot at a TIE that crosses the Falcon's flight path.

    TIEs are bigger than most Rebel ships - certainly X-wings and Y-wings.

    The F/X X-wing isn't in this competition because there is no TIE that's on scale to it. Then that ship would be larger than the F/X X-wing to look movie accurate. Next, what action figures can you put in each ship? In the F/X X-wing? I'm probably the only one of you who isn't a fan of the F/X ship, but one of my favorite vehicles is the Falcon. Though one of the worst scale examples, even for 10 bucks I couldn't justify buying an X-wing that was bigger than my Falcon. That ship is just not part of the figure collection to me. But yes it is nice. I just don't see it fairly competing with anything that's part of the standard vehicle assortment. That's all.

    I'd love to hear your comments about my POV though. So feel free to agree or argue, but I want to hear something about the Imperial Fighter ships' sizes in your reply.
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