Here we go! Tonight is the first night of the SSG Battle of the Machines QUARTERFINALS!

Over the past 16 weeks, you've picked the most favored Star Wars ships and vehicles that you think are up to the challenge of squaring off to see which is the best Hasbro Star Wars vehicle of all time!

Tonights contestants are battle-hardened classic favorites returning to the Dog Fight each with one victory carbon-scorched into their hulls!

It's the X-wing versus the TIE Interceptor!

The Electronic X-wing Fighter was about $30.00 and featured opening wings with linked fly-by sound effects that you activate by pushing a dedicated R2-D2's head down. A remote trigger makes laser-blast flash noises. The landing gear comes down manually, and the cockpit holds one action figure!

To get here the X-wing Fighter defeated the standard TIE Fighter 81-41 or by 66 % of the vote with 122 SSG forumites voting!

The Galactic Empire’s TIE Interceptor features highly detailed sculpted solar panels, split in two, with each tip mounted with a laser cannon designed to let the pilot capture a target in a crossfire between at least 2 cannons at any time. At the touch of a button, either solar panel can be ejected off to simulate battle damage to recreate the climactic clash over the Death Star II. The Interceptor also includes one pilot figure, a slight variation of the TIE Fighter Pilot collectors found carded a few years ago.

To get here the TIE Interceptor defeated the Rebel Alliance's A-wing Fighter 50-28, or by 64 % of the vote with 78 SSG forumites voting!

So which will it be? The X-wing or the Interceptor? Only one of these starfighters will survive to go into the Semi-Finals! You will choose which it will be!

Vote and then post your preference. Those who've posted will be subscribed to this thread and be able to come back and help rank the classic fighter craft that have already been 'doomed!'

To fans of the A-wing or Standard TIE Fighter, this will be especially important. But first we need to see a score hit between the X-wing and the Interceptor before I can show you how the rest of the ranking will be done!

VOTE NOW and remember to post!

Let the fighting begin!