. . . that way if you do ever decide to make him, I'll be pleasantly surprised!
If Dex can not even have his gentleman's pipe, there is no way you'll ever make Matt Doran's character into a figure! Prove me wrong.

C'mon Hasbro, offer us a drug dealer for our collections. But he's a drug dealer, you reply?
The kids saw the movie, they got the message. A positive message (well, unless they saw Hayden, Ewan, and Rick smoking together somewhere ) that drugs are for the weak minded.

Think of the gimmick potential, retractable death sticks in his right hand so kids can make the score appear and disappear at the drop of a Jedi Mind Trick.
I am not being sarcastic, I'd really like to see him made. If not, at least offer that Jedi with the same antennae for customizers.

Thank you Hasbro