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    Italy and Germany say no troops to aid U.S.

    What do you want to bet we end up in this alone? The only countries I have a remote hope in are Canada and Britain. Looks like everyone else wants to be a sellout. You're either with us or against us, the way I look at it, and if they're not going to kick in some help, they might as well go join the Taliban. I'm really disappointed with all these countries that are saying we are using the word "war" to loosely. How would any of their nations feel if this happened in Berlin or Rome? I bet it would be war then, and they'd be begging us to help, too.
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    90% of the population of the world is hurt because of what happened last week.

    My friend, im sure that neither Italy nor Germany are against you, on the contrary, everybody is willing to help the U.S. authorities into bringing the terrorists to justice. We are all into this, but the least the world needs is a war. Bringing the terrorists to justice does not translate into war, lets do our best to help remedy this situation. (each and everyone of us)

    Remember JFK?? "Its not what your country can do for you...but what you can do for your country..." Apply that changing the word "country" for "world". Lets give it our best!!

    My friends.....peace to all.
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    My first post was really too angry now that I read it again and have thought about it, but I really think that the governments of the said countries have decided too early that they won't provide troops for NATO. They should leave their options open, IMO.
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    Germany and Italy...hmmmm...Germany and Italy...Where have I heard those two countries taking the same side about an issue before...I. Can't. Quite. Put my finger....Oh yeah! Those were the scum sucking hate mongers responsible for the Holocaust and last World War...figures they'd be siding with the hate mongers of the 21st century!!!

    ( yeah, I know there are a lot of decent German and Italian sympathizers in those countries, but the coincidence is remarkable)

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    It's way too early to say, "If you're not with us, you're against us." It's too early even to say this is a war. Our government and media are using the word too liberally.

    I've seen no reason to believe any Western European country, regardless of past transgressions, would side against the US in a war, if it does come to pass. The nations that once comprised the Axis have been strict when it comes to violence and hate crimes--they don't want a repeat of the Holocaust any more than the rest of the world. If Italy or Germany end up siding against the USA on the side of the terrorist groups, I'll eat my entire Star Wars collection.
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    I would have to say that I agree with the cautious approach to calling this a war. I think that if Bush intends to go racing into the Middle East and Asia, gunning for the bad guys he's going to give us a historical error that will dwarf that of the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined. Yes, we have a violent, deadly, and ultimately evil enemy. Is that enemy defined by borders or governments like say, the Axis Powers of WWII? NO! Running into countries that have supported the efforts of terrorism blasting away at what is left of their social infrastructure after years of war, in and out of their borders, will simply serve to sway more Islamic people into the realmo of fanaticism.
    Should these crimes go unpunished? Absolutely not! But the idea that storming into one or more countries, bristling with the full might of the U.S. military machine is a fool's errand of unprescedneted scale that will threaten to inflame the situation and cost more lives that it preserves on an exponential level.
    If we had been invaded by an expeditionary force from another country then by all means we should go to war with said country. But we are not dealing with a clearly defined enemy in this case. It is short-sighted judgement to imagine that a war in the traditional sense is the answer, or even truly an effective solution.
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    If they don't want to provide troops to aid in ending these cowardly people thats cool.Just don't ask for help when they come to thier homes.I believe it will take all of us not just one or two but the whole world to stop it.We as a world we need to unite and show that no matter what you believe,you don't have the right to force or even kill others into believing what you do.I believe everyone has the right to live as they choose as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else.Anyways we will all have to answer to God for our own actions and sins.Don't get me wrong I'm not for war but something has to be done and it has to come from all of us{world].
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    After we gave them all that money to rebuild their countries after WW2, this is the thanks we get. That's gratitude for ya!
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    To paraphrase the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld,
    "No troops for you"!
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    A news report this evening stated that citizens from sixty-two nations were either killed or missing in the WTC.

    I guess Italy and Germany lucked out and weren't affected....(?)


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