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    Give us something with better articulation and a cloth cloak.

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    just make him an ultimate Jedi-luke with all his accesories already mentioned and pack him in a special deluxe box like the 12" 100th luke

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    Again, I'll put my vote in for a new Jedi Luke. But it either will NOT be made at all, or they're going to screw it up. I keep seeing something resembling the new Bespin Duel Luke. I don't have this figure yet, and I've heard it's okay, but they have to load it up with crap magnets and gimmicks. I don't know how the pose is (on the Bespin Luke), but I'm sure they'll put the Jedi Luke into some god awful pose like the 25th Anniversary Vader.
    So, I'm still putting my vote in for a new, GOOD Jedi Luke. But I just hope Hasbro doesn't screw it up. No more gimmicks, Hasbro.....please!
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    yes, i want a jedi luke, but i don't really agree with the cloth goods cloak... they always stick out at the bottom and look like a dress...

    i do want one with articulation for holding the saber with both hands, though...
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    Hasbro should make one in the Accessories Packs and just load him up with everything.

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    that would be cool, now that they're making those accessory packs with figures in them... hmmmm....
    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
    - Dan Akroyd, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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    The vest should be removable too. He didn't wear it during the Endor mission. Otherwise I vote for it too!
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    He had a poncho on so you woulden't notice it anyway.

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    What about when he's on the Death Star II? He's not wearing a poncho there.
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    Hi all! This is my first time in the Dear Hasbro forum, so it was nice to see this thread at the top since I just drew up my own design for a Jedi Luke. I already posted the jpg in the Saga Forums so you're gonna have to go there to see it.

    Coincidentally, it incorperates a lot of the ideas here. The magnacuffs are a good idea for an accessory! I also think he should come with a blaster with a magnet in it (for Jabba's assassination attempt). Hmmm. I guess the ungloved hand will have to have a magnet in it too.

    Also, I'm not entirely convinced that a soft goods cloak wouldn't work. My vintage one isn't that bad; surely a better one can be made in these modern times?
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