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Thread: S-wow-ffy

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    Jeddah, I have a few of the trailers downloading at this moment. Will get them burned to CD for you & sent to VT for fwd to you.
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    Thumbs up ok by me, there's room left for a measly cd ;)

    . . .but you guys do realize, do you not, that if it's forwarded via me jdah will not receive said ep2 trailer unti well after ep2 Itself is released? but like i sez, whatever yall decide's ok by me
    hey swaffy, you notice that mere days after i declared bin laden ded, al jakeeroff trots out a six-month old VTape of same?
    the Lengths some people'll go to to Try to discredit my undiscreditable VerdicTs, eh?

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    Jeddah I've burned a CD w/ trailers "Mystery", "Clone Wars", "Forbidden Love" and "Breathing". All of them are in .mov Quick Time format, plus an extra .mpeg version of the "Mystery" trailer. The video and sound quality are really nice. Unless I hear otherwise fairly soon, I'll mail this to VT for inclusion with his next package going to you. If you'd like me to try emailing you any of these files as attachments, they range from approx 12MB to approx 32MB. Lemme know if your email account can accept files of this size.

    VT That OBL video sure does seem dubious. I haven't read anything on BBC news or elsewhere saying Uncle Sam stopped payment on your check.

    watching live TV of an absolutely beautiful building (Pirelli Tire bldg.) in Milan, Italy that's been hit by a plane. Much confusion now, but early reports say it was an accident, not terrorism.
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    Red face

    Hi Swaffy, thanks, you're a king. <sheepishly> I'd kinda like to see the Clone Wars trailer before I see the movie if at all possible. I think I've got about 8 dollaris left in my Paypal account I can send to cover postage if you don't mind....?

    I heard about the plane too. How long do you think it'll take before our immediate gut reaction will not think of the WTC whenever there's a report of a plane crash? Everytime I hear about plane accidents I immediately think terrorism even though I know better....


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    Jeddah, what method of mail/shipping shall I use? I have only shipped to England via regular mail (ground/sea?). I assume there is an Air Mail option via the post office, or even something lke UPS or FedEx. I can look into the cost and delivery times at this end. If you already know something about what's the best option, balancing cost and delivery speed, please let me know.

    (I don't know if I'll ever get to a place where plane crashes don't first make me consider terrorism. When we went to NYC last year to see the WTC site and pig-out on good deli food, we were sitting in a booth next to a window at the 2nd Ave. Deli. At one point, I looked up and saw a passenger jet flying over the skyscrapers of Manhattan, and I got a huge dose of that feeling you get in your stomach right after you almost crash your car/motorcycle. Fear/adrenaline? It was very strange.)
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    BTW Swaffy, did anyone forward you the Queen Mother email I sent out? I only have old email addys for you.


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    Oh, just seen your speedy response, we must be both OL at the same dime

    Well, one of the R2 builders sends me stuff by ...International Priority Mail and for the stuff under 4 lbs, it's always $5.00. If this is not too much of an effort, we could go this way, or I could arrange with John a convenient time when I can have the internet for 6 hours.

    Thanks again Swaffy. I missed Clone Wars trailer at the cinema and really want to see the R2 part.


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    Jeddah, I will go to the post office tomorrow (Friday) and mail the CD to you via international priority mail. If it costs more than $8.00 US, I will reply here before mailing. Can you please email me with your mailing address again? The clone wars trailer is Very cool. Hasbro BETTER make AFs of all the ships! Wait 'til you see all of them. Some are sorta blockish, like the MTT, but they're still great.
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    Red face ah, This must be the thred. . .

    just alertin my fellow foruMMers to the fact that a crazy person posts among us: swaffinator owed me ~$3 cuz of paypal-incurred charges, & axes me if there might be anything he could send in trade rather than $$ while he was at it. so i listed a couple things offa toppa head for the halibut. who'da guessed THIS is what he'd go & do spendin ~$13 to pay back ~$3? like i quoted him via email, "some people don't understand the first Thing about cost analysis" (fett to himself, shadow-mode-observing 4 costly tie fighters chase the falcon into hoth asteroids, Tales Of The Bounty Hunters novel )
    sheesh, do a guy a coupla fun, no-cost-to-yerself, i-was-goin-that-way-anyway favors & he thinks he Owes you or sumthin. so let this be a warning to the restaya: when swaffy feels indebted he goes overboard
    p.s. to swaffy: to answer huntpost 284 quextion, it arrived last thursday or friday- a-ok except for seller charging you $2.90 for what turned out to be $1.26 postage about 2/3 of album is the jb7's instrumental versions of "blueberry hill", "unchained melody" etc; the rest are jb compositions i hadn't heard before, some of which are supercool & trigger love-at-1st-hearin
    and p.s. i still say bin laden's dead, regardless of the most recent contrary buzz
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