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Thread: S-wow-ffy

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    Thumbs up tho he continues to be maddeningly MIA on The Hump. . .

    . . .gotta give swaffy props for sending me the alien gigership mm he didn't want (b'jr'll likely add it to the daisy-chain dozen he already has), as well as the $6 from jg which, as i recall, is part of a 3-way compensation so jdah should knock $6 off what i'm owed
    in return: tho i can't seem to lure swaffy over to the hump for all the gum in egypt (the other day, rather than post there he sends me an Email about a spate of his recent, utterly humpworthy flik viewins, can you Believe that?? ), i imagine he'll find latest huntpost of interest
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    Talking yes, vt, the multi-way trade master

    The $6 SWAFMAN forwarded you are actually my payment for the LEGO Mini TIE Fighter Jeddah kindly bought me with an issue of the SW insider.
    Instead of getting my money jeddah told me to forward it to you.

    I hope this is complex enough to satisfy you, vt.


    P.S. I hate exclusive items (like the LEGO Mini TIE) unless there are friendly board members like you Jeddah! Thank you!

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    cou cou, Jedigoofy!

    Mon Plaisur.




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