Hi Swaffy,

As you can guess the Alpha's arrived this morning along with the TF lander. I didn't realise I was getting aTF Lander and am over the moon. Who am I to thank? I know this model probably isn't too popular with all y'all (I think JT called it a brick) but I think it's wonderful. Love the doors with the disgorging MTTs and the rigid turrets. A shame the cockpit has to be forced shut to keep the BD in, and that the opening doors keep falling off, but that's all academic, really.

The WOW in the subject comes from the effort you put into your mixtape (unfortunately I only have a CD player @ the mo') particularly the programme; guys I kid you not, he has designed and executed the most opulent and splendid brochure to accompany the tape, complete with moodily nostalgic bound front-cover. I am a bit confused as to what I am to do with this? Send it to VT or BritC?????

Oh, and some kerrappy little fat-ships were included I take it these are Brit C's Galaxy VOYS? he he he

I think you're a real kindred spirit SWAFFY, to put that much effort in.