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Thread: S-wow-ffy

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    Hi Swaffy,

    As you can guess the Alpha's arrived this morning along with the TF lander. I didn't realise I was getting aTF Lander and am over the moon. Who am I to thank? I know this model probably isn't too popular with all y'all (I think JT called it a brick) but I think it's wonderful. Love the doors with the disgorging MTTs and the rigid turrets. A shame the cockpit has to be forced shut to keep the BD in, and that the opening doors keep falling off, but that's all academic, really.

    The WOW in the subject comes from the effort you put into your mixtape (unfortunately I only have a CD player @ the mo') particularly the programme; guys I kid you not, he has designed and executed the most opulent and splendid brochure to accompany the tape, complete with moodily nostalgic bound front-cover. I am a bit confused as to what I am to do with this? Send it to VT or BritC?????

    Oh, and some kerrappy little fat-ships were included I take it these are Brit C's Galaxy VOYS? he he he

    I think you're a real kindred spirit SWAFFY, to put that much effort in.


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    Angry wimmen!

    back on july 19th, the following exuberance flowed oh so easily from the divine miss j over my baggin' of the tf lander

    Originally posted by jeddah


    then today we git this bit o' rubbish

    Originally posted by jeddah

    ............."I didn't realise I was getting aTF Lander and am over the moon. Who am I to thank?"...............

    np: soft cell - tainted love/where did our love go?
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    Awww.. 'twas nuthin' (blush)

    The booklet is yours to keep. I made 4 of them, and VT has an exact duplicate, as do I. It is the liner notes to accompany the tape. If we have VT's ominous comments to go by:

    "hey swaffy, speaking of "terrorism", as it so happens i finally got around to giving your mixtape an initial listen today & yesterday. my reaction? let's just say i'm dispatching a few More "strike force ships" in your direction as we speak"

    ...well, I hope you find more to enjoy than our VenerableTunemeister compadre. As I've said in other posts, music, as is true of all art, is probably the most subjective of all subjects. I would never choose or dismiss friends based solely upon their differing opinions of a piece of music.

    I anxiously await your honest critique of the contents of the tape. Same for VT, beyond the few words he issued above.

    or if not Peace, then Victory!
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    I don't remember calling the Lander a brick.

    How else would you have the battle droid's cockpit if not closed?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    Thanks Swaffy, I didn't realise I was included in your mixtape run - I thought you'd have excluded me on the strength of VTs nigh-intolerant despatches on my posting a critique to his tape.

    As soon as money gets a bit more thick on the ground, I shall listen-galore

    GSJ, I can only apologise for my rudeness. Please don't think me an ingrate.


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    Smile no frets' ma soeur!

    i was only funning wit ya!

    btw, the brickster would be moi!

    i'm glad you like it, it's still a brick to me!

    np: paul simon - one man's ceiling is another man's floor
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    what's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

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    Talking jdah: "nigh-intolerant despatches"?

    -is that a uk way of saying "nagging & whining"?

    swaffy: music, as is true of all art, is probably the most subjective of all subjects"
    -i would agree in the sense that context is crucial; but i also believe there exists an empiricism of artistic merit which proves itself over time. for example, matisse will always be capable of evoking a superior range, complexity and depth of response than norman rockwell. recognizing this is not the same thing as being a snob; as the recently-deceased pauline kael wrote, "i don't trust critics who say they only care for the highest and best. it's an inhuman position, and i don't believe them."

    "I would never choose or dismiss friends based solely upon their differing opinions"
    -Now we're cookin E Pluribus Unum, baby!

    "I anxiously await your honest critique. . . beyond the few words issued above"
    -all things come. . .
    np: chic, "strike up the band"

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    Thumbs up way to go swaffinator

    when swaffy returned VTape club selections (maybe i'll have another dozen or so to loan ya by next winter? ), he enclosed an avon bp 7 and a dc tfbattleship the dc has been absorbed by bjr's collection, for which he expresses da thanx but the avonbp7's still up for grabs, in case one of you i'll shortly be mailing to (jt, jdah, gsj, dc etc) seeks it
    i'm Still absorbing gsj's & timminator's mixtapes, but as soon as i'm ready i'll start us a MMixtape MMadness thred where we can post our detailed critiques- unless one of you beats me to it that is but i wouldn't be in such a hurry if i were yall, cuz that bloodbath ain't gonna be pretty
    np: fixx, "red skies"

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    i was starting to get a bit concerned about the box o' VideoTapes! Good to hear they arrived safely. I still owe you a Broadway Damage post in 'da humps thread. thanks again for sending the tapes. maybe we can do it again sometime.

    if you haven't been there yet, check out my reply to your last post in the 'gw is a hypocrite' thread. you're becoming an international celeb! (as if you weren't already! )
    "We have enough youth. We need a fountain of SMART!"

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    quick hijack

    Swaffy or GSJ, could either of you burn a .mov or .mpg of the new EP2 trailer for me? Or perhaps email it to my paradigm-shift addy?

    Just thought I'd ask because I know you're both techno-able and I can send you a blank CD-R



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