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    Question What will be on clearance?

    When the figures are finally put on clearance, which ones do you think will still be on the shelves? I am trying to figure out which to buy now and which will still be around later.

    Perhaps they won't have the massive clearance sales like they did with the EP I line.

    Any ideas which figures will be the Sio Bibbles, TC-14's, and Naboo Royal Guards of the Saga series?

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    Are you kidding? Those three Ep. 1 figs are ones I never found. Those, and Amidala w/Ascension Gun.

    My bet is Captain Typho, and probably some of the alien Jedi. Nikto and Kit Fasto, I'd guess.

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    Man, the Bibble and TC-14 wave was the hardest to find. Those are worth the most and I luckily found them and have them on the card. I found them while out of town in a store near Gulf Shores, Alabama. It's a specialty store that carries everything, just a bit higher of a price. I never saw those figures anywhere else.

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    I saw one TC-14 once...didn't grab it. Silly me.

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    Which ones will be the Sio Bibbles, my guess is Dooku,Yoda,Mace, the new Padme and anything else that is hard to get. What will be left is Anakin (outland),1st Padme,R2,C3PO,Kit,Obi, and anything else in the first assortment. The best buy right now is Jango Fett Kamino Escape. It's one of my favorites, I like Dooku and Yoda, but Jango removable helmet,Guns that fit in holster, and grappling hook is just so cool. Another thing I think will be big is the figures wtih background inserts, they are also hard to get, only the first 16 came like that.

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    I don't think we'll be seeing any of the basic figures go on clearance any time soon. A few sales here and there might be nice. This film is much more popular with the viewers and the figures are much more interesting - lots of Jedi, Clones, etc. E1 figs were just boring - like the movie.

    I think the first items we will see on clearance will be the deluxe figs and the Reek creatures (I already see lots of those collecting dust).
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    Not in my city, we will see many and I mean many of the first wave of figures go on sale cause their is just too dam many.

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    Thanks. I am trying to concentrate on the ones that will be hard to find later. When I see only one figure on the self today, I don't know if that means there will be 20 next week or none. So, I would like to know what to get now and what will still be around at clearance time.

    I like the Jango Fett Kamino Escape too. I bought one even thought there have always been many on the self.

    Is Mace in short supply? I saw one Mace and one Anakin Hangar Duel and bought the Anakin.
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    Yeah, Kit Fisto and Typho will definitely hang around. I think the Royal Guard and Taun We wil be left also, as they're starting to gather dust around here.
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    I'm thinking the Deluxe figures and the Blasters will be the big clearance items. I don't know what things are like in your areas, but it seems like some stores around here are only carrying one speeder or the other. None of them appear to have both Anakin's AND Zam's! Strange. I think the 12" figures (with the exception of Jango) will be clearance items as well. It seems like all the stores are sitting on those right now. K-Mart's been doing really well with their basic figures. Loads of empty pegs, which is good considering how full they had them!
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