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    Question now that POTJ is done, which were the best/worst of this line?

    the best IMO is eeth koth. his agrressive stance and lightsaber are awsome! the worst figure was jek porkins. he just sits there, nothing to play around with on him, no accessories (i don't count a removable helmet!)....just plan boring figure! what do you think?
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    I know it can be so hard to pick just one great figure from a high quality line, but I will choose the Sandtrooper. He is jam packed with quality, from the sand splattered uniform, to the numerous accessories and the fact that he is a well articulated figure.

    The worst figure of the line was narrowed between 3 (Farmer Qui-Gon, Porkins, and Obi-Jedi) but I am choosing Porkins because he warmed the shelf for such a long time. He probably delayed the shipment of many waves because his fat booty was clogging the pegs.
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    Overall, FX-7 was the best. But as far as things that were motile, I have to go with Amanaman. Honorable mentions to BoShek, R4-M9, Boba Fett, and Tessek.

    Worst carded would go to Leia (General). Worst overall is the Bespin Guard with the Carbon Chamber. Shameful mentions for the EU figures, Luke X-wing, any ANH Han, and all the Darth Maul figures.
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    I'd say a tie between Boba Fett and Sandtrooper
    but to really pick one probably Boba
    worst is E1 obi-jedi

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    Sandtrooper was my fav of the bunch, the best Sandtrooper yet.

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    300th fig Boba Fett. Packaging helped make this a must have fig.

    Great sculpt.

    Worst ZUTTON. I hate the big fat head. looks very disproportionate.
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    Boba fett 300 was definitely my favorite. And of all that I have, Leia general seems to be the worst, just because she does nothing.
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    best from pics i've seen are fx-7, tessek, ig-88.

    worst is rebel trooper hands down. i hate that figure. fode and breed sucked too.
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    Best is Bespin Escape Lando

    Worst is Fode and Beed
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    Best is the Rebel Fleet trooper-great knees, great weapon, great army builder.

    Worst is Qui-Gon because he isn't differnet enough from the other Qui-Gons and shouldn't have been made.
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