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    Favorite Figure Thus Far

    This may have already been asked before and I know all the figures haven't come out yet, but what is your favorite Episode II figure thus far? Mine has to be Kit Fisto. That figure is really cool looking.
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    mine is clonetrooper or yoda. they are both the best IMO!
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    My first pick would be Yoda; but the Royal Guard is really starting to grow on me.
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    Most of the Lego minifigures, because they can actually sit in their vehicles without any look of apathy or irritable bowel.

    I like the Jango, Zam, and Clone Trooper ones in particular.

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    Dooku and Luminara are great. Although Luminara is a statue,her blast thingy is cool and her detail is great. Her robes are the most awesome clothing I have ever seen on a figure. Period. As for Dooku, rarity factor is a plus, he looks all Sithy, I like his saber, his gimmick is actually good, and the little Sidious rules. Well, there you have it. This might change if I can find Nexu on my great WalMart exploration tomorrow.
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    I like Yoda and the red CT. HD anakin would be better if his magnet didn't suck so hard.
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    I like them all except C3PO just too many versions of him I don't care for. Favorites are Jango (FB), Yoda, and Clonetrooper (just the bomb for a trooper)

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    I havn't seen it in stores yet but Chewbacca might be my favorite from the pictures I've seen. If you're talking about EP2 figures then it would be Dooku. I love that lightsabre.

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    Darth Vader - Bespin Duel.

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