Hey all, This is the first time I have ever posted any thing. O.k. well I live in Santa Monica and go to the Toys "R" Us each day after school. When I went today they diden't have any thing new, but when I asked a person who was working the check out counter they said that they would have a new ship ment in on Saterday morning. Last week when I went, when they opened they had at least 12 new Yoads and 20 Hanger Dule Anakins. So just to give you all a heads up, they will have alot of good stuff. I also went to the K.B. in the Santa Monica Mall today and they had some real good stuff, I got a "Orn Free Tea" (He is a big fat blue Senator from AOTC) and a "Endor Rebel Soldier" (this is a person from Return of the Jedi but it is from the Saga set) O.K. that is all I have to say. And if you are from L.A. or Santa Monica plz post as much as you want about new finds and ware to get them.
Happy Huntings.