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    Cool Who opens and who keeps 'em sealed?

    I keep mine in the package. I use to open mine but now I have no point in opening them. They look just as good (if not better) in the package.

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    I mainly keep 'em sealed, but I just had to set up my Obi-Wan/Anakin HD/Dooku/Yoda end scene on my bookcase...

    I also have Jabba's Palace, Hoth, Wampa Cave, and Mos Eisley set-ups throughout my apartment, hehe.

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    I always free them from their tiny prisons. They are so much better out of the box. They take up less room, they look cooler and you can set them up to make dioramas and scenes.
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    I open figures to go in the vehicles I buy. I open almost all vehicles. I also open mos eisley and jabbas palace figs along with the occasional super cool ones like Jango KE. All others can stay in the packaging- I think they look cool that way and I can tack them on the wall.
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    I open everything. However, for figures with a lot of accesories I like to have an extra carded one laying around in case I lose something.
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    I free them from their plastic prisons as often as possible. The only figures I still have carded is my carded Jar Jar Binks collection and my trade bait figures.

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    90% of my collection is carded. I only open the ones I really like (that I have extras of). The only ones I will buy 1 of to open are deluxe figures and 12 inch figures and vehicles. The basic figures I keep carded.
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    open open open...!
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    Open everything.

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    I keep the majority on card...although, if I really like a figure, I'll buy 2 and open one...but I always have one of each still unopened. For instance...I bought 2 of all the Jedi and have them all open...I usually do the same for Vaders and 3PO's and R2's as well.


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