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    I'd rather have a carded OOM-9 than a pack-in.

    For a pack-in Wat could come with a piece of the Black conference table and a chair, and Hasbro should make all the other separatists figs come with pieces of the table and chairs, and they all join together to make the whole table.

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    Nice idea!

    But i am sure they could make him electronic too.

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    Thanks, or they could make a 12in Wat and make it electronic.

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    That would be neat too, but i rarely buy 12" figs. I think i have ten of them, but that's all. Never found them appealing enough to get. A 3.75" Wat Tambor w/electronic sounds, seat and table-piece would be better IMHO.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks has updated and added databank files about the Sepratist leaders, including Wat Tambor. I'll post it here, for anyone intrested.

    Wat Tambor:
    Homeworld:Skako, Metalorn
    Species: Skakoan
    Gender: Male
    Height: 1.93 meters
    Affiliation: Techno Union, Confederacy of Independent Systems

    The Movies:
    A consummate industrialist, Wat Tambor was the Foreman of the Techno Union, a galactic institution concerned with technological innovation. Tambor was eager to escape from the choking bureaucracy of the Republic Senate, and readily joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He not only committed his army of battle droids to the cause, but also hosted the meeting of the Separatists minds at one of the Techno Union's droid foundries on Geonosis.

    As befitting a technocrat, Wat Tambor is entirely encased in machinery and is even reliant on technology to speak. His deep, resonant voice is strangely mechanical, modulated by a set of dials built into his torso.

    Expanded Universe:
    Though he spent most of his time on the harsh industrial world of Metalorn, Wat Tambor hails from Skako. He is one of the few Skakoans to venture into the galaxy, since the native atmospheric pressure of that world is so different than that of most. Were it not for Tambor's full-body environment suit, he would explosively decompress in standard atmospheres.

    Tambor oversaw a number of advanced technology plants scattered throughout the galaxy, and many major corporations, including Baktoid Armor Workshop, Haor Chall Engineering, Republic Sienar Systems, and Kuat Systems Engineering were signatory members of the Techno Union.

    Behind The Scenes:
    Wat Tambor, like most of the Separatists seen gathering with Dooku, was an entirely computer-generated creation. Concept Artist Michael Patrick Murnane developed the look of Tambor, giving him an art deco quality of simple shapes and clean lines.

    A line of dialogue originally belonging to Poggle the Lesser concerning the battle droids was later given to Wat Tambor, explaining that the Techno Union were the builders of most of the new droid army seen in Episode II.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

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    Wat Tambor reminds me of Zurg from Toy Story 2. Was Zurg a Skakoan in a full body suit as well? That explains so much...

    Speaking of Toy Story 2....Where's the Sith Infiltrator, Hasbro?
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