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    Wat Tambor...if it's not too late...

    I have to admit it, Wat is going to be a statue, with maybe 4-6 point of articulation (arms, elbows, possibly wrists). But so long as he looks good, I won't argue.

    Now for the accessory. Since Wat's Techno Union controls the droid foundry on Geonosis, a nice touch would be to include with him a sturdier version of the Commander Battle Droid (like OOM-9). You can re-use the old mold, just don't make him bendy and feeble (and no retractable neck). That way, both of them can oversee the hordes of droids swarming their way into war.

    Please find a full photo of the attached model. I feel that it is a wonderful representation of the final CG product.

    Thanks for listening.
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