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    New Saga Figures, Pictures? read

    Brians Toys has some figures listed in their list like Wat Tember, Supertrooper, OOda,Mastiff Astro Droid ect.
    When called about Wat Tember they said it should be in about 1 - 2 weeks.

    Does anyone have any pictures of these figs? I know who Wat Tember is but who is OOda and the Super Trooper?

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    Their list is old, and way out of date. Wat Tambor isn't even confirmed yet, but he is on early Hasbro lists. He shouldn't be out until Fall/Winter. SuperTrooper was the original Hasbro in house name for the CloneTroopers. Ooda I believe ended up being a mis-spelling of Yoda, who is out now. And the Massiff w/ Astro Droid 2-pack was originally going to be from a scene that was never filmed, where Obi-Wan's R4-P17 truncated droid was attacked by a group of Massiff's on Geonoisis. The idea was dropped, due to the fact the droid was made hardwired to the ship, rather then give him a squat body. It all boils down to, don't go by retailer lists. I have seen some retailers that have E2 Aurra Sing listed.

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    I'll assume the Clonetrooper list is the yellow one with the bubble turret for the troop ship. Can't wait to see this one, even though I bet it's scupted in a sitting postion.

    (Which is why I bought an extra red trooper so I can swap the legs...)


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