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    Question boba fett variation...

    we have one with a background and one without. the one w/ out has a realativly clean helmet. the one w/ the background has a very spotty helmet. is this a variation of any form? and.........could we have a variation forum? this way we wouldn't flood this or any other toy forum with variations........think about it, moderators...
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    Unfortunately, variation and error get used as the same concept, when variation is actually a conscious change on Hasbro's part.

    Current variations are background/not, covered accessory text/removed text, and small changes to figures (Luke's hand, some skin tone modifications, super battle droid details, sticker changes).

    99% of the time, it's an issue of quality control. Buy the toy that looks good to you, don't buy it because some shmuck on eBay will pay $50 for what amounts to an oversight by an overworked, underpaid third-world worker.

    Sorry to be blunt, but I'm getting a little peeved at the increased amount of "purchase for speculative value". It's collecting. That means you either keep it or trade it fairly for something you don't have.
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    I think hasbro was just trying to make the figures different so people would buy both.
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    yup its a consperacy!


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