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    Back to the Future Toys!!!!

    How cool would this be? A line with Marty McFly, Doc Brown, Marty's younger parents, and maybe even a 3-pack with the 3 generations of Biff! Plus a DeLorean vehicle with flipping under and flying tires would be awesome.

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    Give me a DeLorean with Marty in his radiation/space-suit and I'll be happy.
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    Sweee-heet!! Would these be Star Wars sized or McFarlane sized? If they were SW sized you could have that oft fantasized meeting between Marty and E.T (when they make an E.T. figure of course... )

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    I'd like to see a Back to the future line,I want the car,checks dig the car,well not that car atleast
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    I would love this! A Marty fron 1985 with video camera and skateboard, a Marty from 1955 with wooden scooter/skateboard, a Marty from 2015 with hoverboard and Grays Sports Almanac, a Biff from 1955, a Griff w/ pit bull hoverboard, a Doc Brown from 2015 with Einstein, and of course, a deluxe Delorean time machine. The Delorean could have exclusive Marty and Doc in their radiation suits, a light-up flux-capacitor, a Mr Fusion that could be swapped with a lighting hook or a plutonium pellet, fold-down wheels for flight, 4 light-up bars underneath to simulate the hover systems, and swappable 1955-style wheels/tires and a clip-on homemade flux capacitor for the Back to the Future 3 look.

    As for a figure of Marty's dad, there may be some difficulty there as 2 different actors played George McFly in the movies: Crispin Glover from BTTF and Jeffrey Weissman from BTTF2 and 3. The same problem arises for a figure of Jennifer: Claudia Wells in the first film and Elisabeth Shue in the 2nd and 3rd.

    I think the size should be SW-sized simply because there'd be a better chance of an accurate-scale Delorean - that's what the line should focus on!
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    A Star Wars scaled line would be good, because then you could have Star Wars crossovers

    Marty- "My name is Darth Vader!"
    Darth Vader- "No, MY name is Darth Vader!"

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    Frankly I could be happy with just a Doc Brown!
    These figures would be neat with COMMtech-ish voice chips *obviously better sounding*. Doc should say "MARTY!" And "Great Scott!" heh that'd be cool...
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    I'd be happy with a DeLorean, Doc Brown, and Griff (Biff's grandson in 2015).

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    If this line took off, I suppose a wave of BTTF3 figures would fit in, with the characters in their "old west" duds.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    yea, gotta love BTTF III. "Eastwood. Clint Eastwood" LOL


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