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    There's a lot of new traffic in here because of the imminent release of Episode II, so i thought I'd bump the ORIGINAL Top Ten lists up and give all the newbies a chance to add their two cents. As of today (this is a tracked poll belive it or not) the standing are:

    10. R-3P0
    9. Captain Needa
    8. Finale Leia
    7. Finale Luke
    6. Smuggler Lando
    5. Echo Base Techs/Troops
    4. General Veers
    3. Cloud Car Pilot
    2. Admiral Ozzel
    1. General Riekann (no suprise)
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    I hope that since ESB seems to be the most favourite of all SW movies, that Hasbro will make more resculpts from this episode. My hopes would be for a new Hoth Rebel Soldier since the last one looks too buff and it's legs are odd looking.
    I do like the POTF2 Snowtrooper who looks initimidating as is.

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    My Top 10 ESB wants:

    1. Hoth Han
    2. Hoth Leia
    3. Hoth Rebel Troops
    4. Gen. Reeiken
    5. Maj. Derlin
    6. Torynn Farr
    7. Gen. Veers
    8. Snowtrooper w/ better articulation
    9. Smuggler Lando
    10. Finale Leia

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    Pilot Lando
    General Reiken
    General Veers
    Captain Needa
    Admiral Ozzel
    Snowspeeder Luke
    Rouge 2
    Dagobah Luke
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    Torynn Farr
    General Reiken
    General Veers (removable battle armor)
    Captain Needa
    Admiral Ozzel
    Echo Base Techs/Troops
    cloud car pilot
    Dagobah Luke


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