Current standings of the figures everyone is clamoring for....

1. General Reikan
2. Admiral Ozzel (he's as clumsy as he is stupid.)
3. Bespin Gown Leia
4. General Veers ("The shield will be down in moments.")
5. Dagobah Luke
6. Dagobah Yoda
7. Torynn Farr ("Stand By, Ion Control.")
8. Cloud Car Pilot
9. Smuggler Lando (ESB Finale)
10. Han Solo in Hoth gear

Other figures clamored for, but not as clamored for as the above clamored for figures. Slightly less clamoring involved, I'd say...

From Hoth:

Bren Derlin (John "Cliff Clavin" Ratzenberger)
R-3PO (The Red 3PO droid)
Hoth trooper variants

From Bespin:

Lobot Resculpt
E-3PO ("E Chu Ta!")
Cloud City Citizen
Bespin Revelation Vader
Deluxe Han Solo with torture rack.

And these guys:

Captain Needa ("Apology accepted...")
C-3PO with missing foot.
Luke in pajamas (ESB finale)
Leia in finale dress (ESB finale)

The Empire Strikes Back with the lack of a cantina, or palace, or podrace, has less characters to be made, unless you count all the variants of Hoth Troops and Imperial Officers. Who else do you want to see?