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    2) the rocket-firing feature was pulled at the prototype stage, thus no saleman samples or production figures exist. Period.
    Just to clear this up, this information is not correct. The Rocket Fett did make it to the production stage. They had molds, made production figures and even went so far as to have production deco on them (the j-slots are all painted). You are right in that it was never released to the public, but it made it as far as you can possibly go. It was ready to be shipped when they pulled it.

    If you have or know someone who claims to have a rocket-firing Fett then it is a fake.
    This isn't correct either. There are many collectors out there with genunine Rocket Fetts. Yes, there are a lot of fakes, also, but there are real ones in collector's hands today. I think the number out there is running somehwere around 40 right now.

    If you know someone who claims to have bought one from the store then they are a liar. Plain and simple.
    Or just having some false memories. You're right though - no one ever got one in the mail or at a store.


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    I have seen the blue Snagletooth and Yak Face in my local SW shop, but i've never seen the vinil cape jawa or the Double telescopic Darth Vader.

    I havent seen Vlix also, i guess it all depends on the region u live.
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    I would have to say Yarna d'al Gargan (Jabba's Fat Dancer). She is a prototype from Kenner. They have a picture of it in a book called Star Wars Action Figure Archive on page 134 but the arms were not salvaged with the rest of the body.(That's how rare it is)
    But I was going to Tosche Station to pick up some Star Wars figures!!!

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    Gargan only ever made it to the hardcopy stage - she was never produced in plastic. There are actually 4 of these in existence that I know of. Sansweet has the one pictured in that book you speak of. Another is still in the hands of a Kenner employee (who's willing to sell it) and is missing one arm. The two others - a hardcopy and the original wax sculpt are in the hands of a single collector in North Carolina.


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    what about power of the force yoda's? I dont see to many of them around. the double telescoping vader's, luke's and kenobi's are highly sought after. they would be my choice. but i'm only talking carded figures that got out to the public.
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    POTF Yoda's are tough, but not that hard. As far as vintage carded figures the hardest are definetely the DT figures. They *did* make it to the public, but in VERY small quantities. After that, POTF NIkto is by far the toughest followed by POTF AT-AT Driver.


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    I had a vinyl caped jawa when I was younger, but like so many other figures the cape ripped where the arm hole is and I threw the cape away. Doesn't that suck?

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    BCJ- my buddy had ine of those R2s and I swore it wasn't real, back in the late 70's or so... I recall getting the boba fett "sneak preview" mail-in, and it came with a wee notice, apologizing for the fact that the product wasn't as "specified" in the commercial, and that you could get a refund if you weren't happy..
    I agree with BigB, though, but I AM Canadian, after all, we get screwed regularly by the action figure industry
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    I thought Boba Fett with the launching missle on his back was the rarest.
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    We just covered that, scruff! RF Boba Fett was never released to the general public, regardless of how far it is rumored to have gotten in the pre-production stage.

    cfawcet, my info came from Steve Sansweet's books From Concept to Screen to Collectible and The Action Figure Archive. Not implying that alone validates it, but I was going on more than just "my friend's uncle's cousin told me so." I'd be interested to know the source of your information.

    Prototypes don't count, since we are talking about production figures. Personally I could care less about some of the "variations" that are claimed out there. Green limbs Chewie? Tan limbs Klaatu? Give me a break, those are simply the effects of aging.

    Anyways, if you dismiss all variations and card changes and rumored production samples or prototypes. Then dismiss all bootlegs and foreign carded standard figures, then I think the award goes to Yakface. He was never released in the US but was widely available in Europe and Canada. However, he still remains very rare to this day even for a figure with no variants and only two carded releases.

    Oh yeah, I agree with BCJ, Vlix shouldn't count as a Star Wars figure.
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