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    The RAREST vintage figure?

    I'm thinking the double-telescoping lightsaber Darth Vader figure is the rarest of them all. He was never actually released in mass quantities and only exists in salesman samples. Meaning that there are probably less than one-hundred of them in existence, not counting the salesmen who probably gave them to their kids who subsequently trashed them. Dumb kids, what do they know?

    That should beat the pants off of Vlix, vinyl caped Jawa and YakFace as far as rareness goes.

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    According to various sources, Vlix is the rarest. Apparently only 8 in existance.

    This is closely followed by Chief Chirpa (ewoks series). This figure was only in prototype.

    A real R-F Boba Fett is also rare.

    As you said bigbarada, D-T Vader was into the hundreds produced. The 3 I have listed above only a possible maximum of 10 were ever produced.

    The vinyl cape Jawa was also produced in hundreds maybe even thousands.

    As for Yak Face, that is only rare for people in the US, as it was not available to them. Europe has a very good supply of them.
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    Arrow Skeptical collector...

    I'd forgotten about the double saber figures, because I was gonna say the wind-up R2 from Japan. It's the only figure (I don't consider Droids and Ewoks in my lists) I have never seen anywhere, excpet in photos. I have glimpsed rocket Fetts (fakes?), vinyl Jawas (fakes?), Vlixs (Vlixes? Vlixii? fakes?), and some double sabers (fakes?). I'm not interested in them, because if they're fakes, I still don't have the figures, and if they're real, I couldn't afford them.
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    I'd have to actually see a DT saber figure carded before I would consider it real. You can buy replica DT sabers in lots of places (Brian's Toys has them for $30 apiece).

    I think Vlix was mass produced in Brazil but nowhere else. His rarity could mainly be due to that.

    I've also read many sources that say that rocket firing Fett never saw the light of day as far as production goes, they only exist as prototypes. So if I were to actually see one of those I would automatically consider it a fake.

    I wasn't really counting prototypes in my list since they are a completely different section of collecting (and a very expensive one). The DT Vader was produced in tiny quantities as only salesman samples and I think the number is LESS THAN 100 in existence. The only DT saber figure widely released was Luke, because of the Early Bird sets.

    I'm kind of with BCJ on the Droids and Ewoks issue, I don't consider them a part of the SW line at all; but everybody automatically starts shouting "Vlix" when the topic of rare figures comes up. What's the big deal? He was a two-bit criminal in a series that only lasted one season and he's not even a well designed alien at that. I wouldn't pay $5 for one if I saw him now.

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    Boy that's a tough one. I would have to say that the rocket fire Boba Fett is the rarest. I'm very sure I have never an a real one for sale. As for the DT figures, I thought the DT Ben Kenobi was rarer then Vader. Again I'm sure I've never seen real ones of these for sale either.
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    There are more than 10 Vlix figures out there.
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    Do salesman samples really count. I mean they were never avalable to the general public to purchase. So, that would make them about the same as a prototype. Even if you don't like the droids line it still says Star Wars on it. It still is licensed by LF and it's made by Kenner. How does the old saying go? IF it looks like****, smells like ****, and tasts like ****, then it's probally ****. I think that makes good sicne when talking about those cartoons.
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    So, everyone got the complete set of Bend-Ums SW figures? Those say "Star Wars" on them, too. The Ewoks and Droids cartoons were separate from the SW films, so I don't consider them "Star Wars figures" as much as "figures about Star Wars." We're just arguing semantics, so the debate will always stall without an agreement. Kinda like "Is TPM a good movie?"

    (Which, by the way, it was! )

    Maybe, as Master of Lists, I can suggest we divide this issue into "rarest Droids/Ewoks" and "rarest SW" figures?
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    Rarest mass produced figures:
    Vinyl Cape Jawa
    Han Solo Small Head
    Blue Snaggletooth
    Luke Telescoping Saber
    Chewbacca Green Bowcaster

    Probably Han and Chewie from this list are the most common. Yakface was only really rare in America. So that leaves DT Luke, Vinyl Cape Jawa, and Blue Snaggletooth. I would probably pick Blue Snaggletooth from this list as he never even made it on a card (he was a pack-in for the Sears Mos Eisley playset, but was corrected in later playsets).

    DT Vader and Ben are much more elusive as Ben has been seen a few times on ebay (going for $1800 loose) and I have seen carded samples. However carded samples of Vader are much harder to come by, many speculate that they don't exist. The issue of mass production is a little hazy for these two figures. DT Luke was shipped out in the first Early Bird sets (along with Green Crossbow Chewie) and showed up on cards. I guess no one really knows, it's is really all speculation since Kenner didn't really keep good records of these kinds of things back then (there was really no need).

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    This all depends on what you collect. As some people have stated earlier.

    We have not mentioned variants yet. Would you say that some of these are much harder to come by?
    Rarity all comes down to supply. As far as I am concerned the brightly coloured Logray from Makau is one of the rarest - Only because no-one on ebay (or anywhere else) is offerring it up for sale. If I had the money - I could get a Vlix or a vinyl caped Jawa any day. They are not all that hard to get as far as I can see - just expensive.

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